Thursday, February 24, 2011

Past - Present - Future

Phew! After a long time, I'm back to writing in English. It feels so damn good :) Also, this is a tag post done by a few of my friends on blogosphere. Here's my take on the ghosts haunting the past, bunnies lining the present and fairies flying in the future.

20 years ago
1) Started school - a wonderland where I could play all day with new friends and I got to be a big girl without Mommy and Daddy around!
2) Totally in love with my kid sister (who was a teeny tiny 2 year old then) who used to imitate everything I did. Even things like eating and tying shoe laces. I now see the same thing with my nieces.
3) Proud owner of a 'Made in Germany' sharpener that my dad brought from one of his trips. That was 'the' thing to have in my class that year! I still have that sharpener, tucked somewhere in my home in India.

10 years ago
1) I was in 11th grade and was dreading the 12th public exams already. Not to mention the tuition classes that came with it.
2) Had some of the best times with friends at classes, tuitions and test hours!
3) Had to let life decide things for me.

5 years ago
1) I was preparing hard for placements and MS. Because I wasn't sure what to do in life! I wanted to be home but still come to US... I know, a hard wish to satisfy. So, I had to be ready for both.
2) I had my first accident on my Spirit due to my impatience - that too, right before my parents' eyes! My mom still talks of the shock I gave her that day. My helmet took the brunt of that crash and I escaped with minor hits. I still went to college that day - I had exams! And that was the cause of my impatience.
3) I earned my first salary of 2k :) (ok, that was more a prize money, but we won almost all competitions we entered and got a good collection of money)

3 years ago
1) I took one of the hardest decisions of my life - work at a company I loved or go to US without any funding in sight to study more (I got funding after I came. But at the point of deciding, I had no clue how life would turn out - I was choosing between the known path and the unknown path). And I chose the latter after a hfriend knocked some sense into me.
2) US, my lab and research happened!
3) A whole load of traveling happened!! Got to go to NYC every season! And loved it :)

2 years ago
1) A dream internship. Guess that was the best summer I've seen!
2) Life happened and I learned a lot! Miss my friends at grad school!
3) Got a great job, one that I'm working at right now.

1 year ago
1) Graduated with masters. Alpine Path, MS!
2) Moved Neverland from one coast to another.
3) My car! And more traveling (visited a country other than the ones I've lived - that took so long to cross off my check list!).

So far this year
1) Papers, books, exams, trainings - should I start that bandwagon again?
2) Fell in love with my new phone!
3) Realized that a year of forced movie watching has had some effects after all! I catch myself watching movies/shows whenever I'm bored rather than doing something else. My latest watch is Psych :)

1) Office the whole day and it just whizzed past. Didn't have time even to eat lunch.
2) Did a crap telephone call to my mom and seriously considered changing a lot of things in life.
3) Made the paruppu usili to perfection! Finally!! Finally! :)

Today I
1) Planned a surprise bday party for one of my colleagues.... and it was a success! :)
2) Spent a whole lot of time trying to get something, anything at all, done.
3) Realized that all the 'change ideas' I spoke last night would not work... or rather, I am actually happy with the way things are.

Tomorrow I
1) Plan to cut my to-do list length to a respectable size. Now, its the size of the Autobahn!
2) Meet a few friends for dinner and plan a surprise bday party. Looks like its the year of parties!
3) Get things ready for the next holiday; its fast approaching!

In the next year, I hopefully will
1) Do more traveling. Got a few things to do/see. California, anyone?
2) Check off a few more things on my '101 things to do in US' list. Probably, sky diving!

1) Have fun, all through!

Take this tag just for the kicks of it :)

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