Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kulir kaatru alaiyaada!

When you are working hard on a project, trying to get all the disparate pieces together, there comes a moment when your mind gets out of the project and something else comes up, mostly totally irrelevant but enchanting and with deep meaning nonetheless.
I'm trying to write meaningful code in the order of atleast fifty lines every day. Writing code is easy, writing meaningful code is harder. My journey from a good to a better programmer continues....
Sitting before my project and typing C# code, a pure tamil poem(should I or shouldn't I classify it as a poem? Readers, you tell me!) struck my mind. Its been a REALLY long time since I wrote tamil poems, the habit being lost in transition from school to college. Do take a look at it and tell me your comments.

kulir kaatru alaiyaada,
nitham kaathu thani nirka,
idam paarthu ivaiyaaga,
kshanam serndhu nadaiyaaga

[Sorry, I just can't seem to translate this with the meaning intact. If anyone who knows tamil wants to go ahead with the translation with the meaning captured, please do it in the comments section]
And oh! Happy Deepavali! Have a safe and fun diwali!