Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Skating on thin ice

Its that time of the year again
When the world starts to slumber
And words fail to express life

The ice rink is beckoning
So pure and so undisturbed
And so silent with myriad mysteries

The skates are polished
The ropes are wrapped
And the picks are cleaned

And I, I skate on thin ice!!
Till I get back,
Have fun on the ice, folks!

Monday, October 05, 2009

Happy Fall :)

பச்சை பட்டாடையில் மஞ்சள் முத்துக்கள்
பவழ கொடியினிலே மல்லிகை மொட்டுக்கள்
தென்னாடன் குலமகள் பார்க்க
தென்றலது வீசி வர
இளம்குளிர் காலம் வந்ததம்மா!
இனிய சுகம் தந்ததம்மா!

மாய உலகில் மயங்கும் மான்கள்
மூடு பனியில் முகிழும் மலர்கள்
தீபங்கள் அலங்கரிக்க
தூபங்கள் கமழ்ந்திட
சில்லென்ற குளிர் காற்று வந்ததம்மா!
சிந்தையில் மகிழ்வு தந்ததம்மா!

PS: I wrote this one when waiting at a traffic signal. The drive from home to office is one of my favorites with trees turning yellow, golden and red. Its like an beautiful arch that the angels created just for us :) Fall is the best time with the world becoming colorful all at once. Happy fall times, everyone!

Friday, October 02, 2009

A look at Windows' history

This is a nice link about the history of Windows. The earliest I can remember using is Windows 3.1 in third grade... And minesweeper was my favorite game in the world! The feeling after beating the "computer" in guessing the mines was euphoric! I'm one of the few millions in the world who would NOT have studied computers if there was no graphical user interface. I still prefer clicking my way through to actually typing the commands, though the command-typing-green-lines-on-a-serious-looking-black-screen is cooler. Geeks may deride my admission but that is how it is! And I know that there are millions of others who are glad for the simple-to-use GUI. And all said and done, Windows with its GUI paved way for faster integration of computers into the lives of common man all through the world (I'm not talking about geeks who would've been happy typing commands into command line window with or without GUI) and made computers less fearful. The growth of Windows in all areas of computing(UI, power, performance, etc) has been impressive. And, I'm glad about Windows 7. :)

What is the earliest Windows that you have used?