Monday, August 27, 2007

The rest of darkness

“He was here”, a voice said.
“He was there”, a second voice piped in.
“And she lay there”, a third voice screamed.

She was shocked.
Shocked to hear voices.
Voices that didn’t have any relation to her.

The Voice was quiet
The Voice was thinking.
Thinking how to convey things clearly to her.

“Don’t worry”, the Voice said.
“This is the aftermath”, the Voice consoled.
“The rest of what was there”, the Voice reasoned.

She looked around.
She understood.
And moved on with a prayer in her heart.

The Voice sighed.
The Voice prayed too.
For eternal rest for the souls of the dead.

[This was written after going to the infamous Norris Hall where lives were taken just for madness, futures were lost just for insecurity and love withered and time stood still just for a weakness. My sincere prayers for those who left this abode and my deepest condolences and constant support for those who are left behind to witness the agony.]

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Gone with the wind!!

Hi readers,
Right now, I'm gone with the wind. Will be back soon. Till then, take care.
Alpine Path