Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Snapshot of a week

Snapshots are fun in that they help us capture life as it is right now. And they help us remember how life was when we look at it a few years later. Here's a snapshot of my last week:

  • Had to finish some work at office and wrap up a long week.
  • Got ready for a much needed holiday with family and friends. That included going shopping for a dress, packing stuff, making sure all the loose ends are tied, parking my car correctly, cleaning up my room and home before I leave (so that I don't have to do it when I'm back all tired out) and a million other things to do before you go on a trip.
  • Had a snow scare due to which I had to move my trip a bit (and plan all the logistics like getting dropped off/picked up at the airport along with the move).
  • Had a crazy long flight where I met a tattoo artist who was an interesting companion and she yapped away to glory. All I had to do was nod and the conversation was in full sway.
  • Got to spend some quality alone time with each of my nieces. They are at the stage where playing with both at the same time is not enough anymore and I have to make sure to spend time with each without getting the other all worked up and feeling 'I'm missing on things'.
  • Was surprised how much B had grown in the last few months. She is fast slipping out of the toddler mode and into the first grade mode. Though, there are still some cute moments... and I intend to make the most of them :)
  • Got to check off two more things in my list of '101 things to do in US'. Sadly, nowadays, the list is getting filled slower and slower. But the good thing is, I'm past 75 in that list now. Hopefully, I'll hit 101 soon.
  • Did a long drive with some great company. It was fun since my last long drive was months earlier.
  • Got a good insight into the Telangana issue. Though a split might be good for this case, I shudder to think of the aftereffects of this in each state across India. Some that I can think of: Gujarat, Kashmir, NE states, Tamil Nadu, Maharashtra. As an Indian, I'm really concerned and worried about all the infighting going on. Hopefully, things get resolved such that India doesn't get affected as a whole.
  • Realized that the 'Mannipaaya' song of Vinnai Thaandi Varuvaya has awesome lyrics in Telugu. And, I loved that song itself. 'Vinntunnava' is a constant on my player now. Note to self: Start appreciating the music itself and not judge based on the lyrics of a song.
  • Had a blast of a weekend after a long long time, a slice of grad school life after almost two years. Now, I know what exactly I miss from grad school. Though professional life is fun and I'm fine with it now, grad school experience was too good.
  • Talking to K has become more and more fun - I'm constantly amazed by the breadth and depth of stuff we talk to each other about.
  • Felt bad for MG, one of my favorite couples. I thought they were perfect together (despite some obvious differences)... but then things were not to be.
  • Was pretty riled up on Monday due to a bad disagreement. The sleepless nights and long talks didn't help matters much and I was a goner by the time I hit bed yesterday. 
  • Missed a few b'days when I was gone. Oopsie! (B's favorite term :))
  • Got some sunshine, the most precious commodity at Neverland. Even when inside, I was boning up to the window to get the maximum sunshine possible. It felt good to have the heat beat at your skin after months of cold. However, I also realized that I can never be super happy with that much heat since my skin was totally disagreeable to it. And so, Neverland sticks to cooler weather :)
Till Thursday, see you guys!

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