Saturday, May 03, 2008

Absolute freedom - Just 9 minutes!!

Musings tagged me. It is about the things that come to your mind within 9 minutes. I'm not exactly sure as to what absolute freedom means here... so let me take a guess, its the time when nothing matters in the world. You are free from all inhibitions and expectations of the world. Ok! Here goes my list!
1) I would invent a plane that would travel from India to US in half an hour's time(max). That way, I can stay in India and study/work in US. And, I would be living in the skies! What else does a person want?
2) I would relive every moment of my time with my grandmom.
3) I would make Vairamuthu write a song especially for me, get Rahman to compose it and ______ to sing it! (well that is a blank now! Will think of it after these 9 minutes)
4) I would try out the cauliflower chicken dosa that is available in select places in Karaikudi and Chennai.
5) I would go to all the planets and be back in a day.
6) I would have a body that knows no physical abuse (right now, my body lacks sleep( because of exams and submission deadlines), been subjected to jetlag(due to time differences), been hurt(due to the various injuries in games), been pumped with toxins(courtesy: all the fertilizers, pesticides we use for our vegetables),etc.)
7) I would have a tap of milk and honey in every home and every country. That way, our world would be a land of milk and honey.
8) With a wave of a wand, India would become sparkling clean and new(as clean as the leaves get after a good rain).
9) With another wave of a wand, all countries would be free of corruption, drugs and sexual abuse.(I know this is really too much to ask for, but hey! I have 9 minutes of absolute freedom... so, let me atleast think of it and enjoy it!)
10) I will know the thinking of man and the society.
11) I will make life easier for the common man by showing ways of enriching his life.
12) I would ask God what he thought when he created this planet of teeming life.
13) I would find out if ghosts and draculas and vampires truly exist (you can add manthreegam to that list! Black magic, voodoo dolls, african spirits - all are in too)
14) I would keep life simple and happy for the rest of my life

Guess my time is up. But it was an interesting exercise. In the first two minutes all I could think of was how I was going to finish up the pending work for the week. After that, I started with the list and didn't even realize I was over the allowed time by a few minutes. So, here goes my tag: Superficial gibbering prater, Arun, Dream Chaser, Priya and KK.