Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Story of my life

Hi friends,
        How are you? I'm happy to see you, my dear friends. I have an exciting story to tell. All of you readers remind me of myself and my siblings. I have a lot of brothers and sisters. And innumerable cousins! A lot of people like me and my siblings. Alpine was kind enough to let me tell my story in her blog. Now, without much ado, let me begin.
        A long time back, I was born in a small village... actually in a dim but noisy universe. My creator decided to use my parents F and W to make me. My sea sick aunts S and C and wishy washy uncle O helped in my birth. Unlike humans, I was not made in an enclosed space that you call the embryo, rather I was made in a huuuuggggeeee expansive thing. Its so big that I would need atleast a few hundred turns to go through it all (one of my cousins tried it and he was never the same after... all these adventures, I tell you!)
       My aunts and uncle had a huge part to play in my life. My aunts and their friends made my life spicy by sharing their stories with my siblings and me. They made sure that our lives were interesting. Even to this day, people say I carry some of their characteristics. It has been definitely a good addition. For my cousins, some of whom didn't have aunts like mine, have been shunned by the society. A cruel society! But I'm infinitely thankful to my aunts for adding color to my life. Then, I was given a shape and distinction from my siblings. I had a pretty, pretty shape - a lot of people call it round but I would digress... I prefer curly though still round. Makes sense, no?
      My uncle decided that I should be worldly wise and took it upon himself to teach me lessons of fire. Though some of my brothers did badly and were the black sheep of the family, most of us did them proud and turned out the golden guys and fair maidens as they had expected. But my uncle paid a price for all this transformation - he became older and older sooner and sooner. When I ask my younger cousins about my uncle, they reply that he is no more - and that makes me sad! :(
       Then came the preparations for the big journey! How excited we were - we were brought up with the sole goal of taking this big journey to places unknown and beyond! We didn't know anyone who had come back to tell stories of these places but legend has it that it was infinitely better than our birth place. Don't we all go in search of the unknown adventures? So, I started my journey as well. My siblings were coming with me but we were not sure if we would get to travel together. We went to a big gathering of crowds and were told to just join any of the groups taking the journey. In the melee, I got separated from my brothers. Though I was scared, I put on a brave front since this was the first step to traveling to the delightful places. 
       There were big white caravans going on the journey and in order to make sure all of us had space, we had to pack ourselves tightly. I remember doing that trip sandwiched between two fat guys! There was another thin guy sitting in the same way just above me. The caravans were sealed to protect us during the long journey. Boy!What a journey it was... we experienced highs and lows, speed and slowness, etc and etc. The driver went on and on, without stopping anywhere for days to end. Inside the caravan, we had all become friends. Most of them had a story like me, but there were some who had more interesting lives. As days went by and the journey continued without breaks, it started taking a toll on some of my co-passengers. Some of them died and some became maimed. One guy was sitting strong one day and was in a thousand pieces the next!! The horrors! Only the thought of exciting places kept me alive through that horrible journey.
       Finally, we reached a bigger meeting place and were asked to form groups based on our physical fitness. I didn't have much issues with the journey (as did most others). We were then asked to take smaller caravans and we took the airplane to reach a suspension heaven. That was bliss for the first few days after the hectic journey but became boring after that since we did nothing but wait. One by one, the smaller caravans left the suspension heaven. One glorious day, our caravan and another left the heaven (now become a hell, due to all the waiting that I did there) to a truly astonishing place. It was nice... I don't have words to describe all the sights. All I can say was all the legends of the places failed to do justice to it. Even though I was still inside the caravan, I had a window seat and could see everything. So, I was made the describer of the caravan. That is an important role - much like the President that people have. Everyone in the caravan listens when I speak. 
       Then we moved to another of the astonishing places and I had the time of my life explaining it all... I even had sore throat telling about it all. We then reached a dark place, a lot like the suspension heaven but it was also a big caravan - more a caravan of caravans. However, it was more exquisite and not at all like the simple big white caravan I had started my journey in. All of a sudden I had a queasy indescribable feeling - much like the ones you get just before you throw up. As sudden as it had come, things became all right again. After innumerable days and some more occurances of this queasiness, I was finally happy to see another astonishing place. I felt I had reached home. Now, we were given a pep talk about life itself by one of the others - and I braved myself for the zenith of what was to come. 
        My caravan disbanded and I got picked as one among the first. I'm going to enter a small cave where I'm sure to get destroyed. But the journey has been wonderful and my life exciting. I thank all for listening to my story. Do not feel bad for my end, this is what I was born to do. To do and die. And I'm dying after visiting these magnificent places. As I do the last journey alone, my life flashes by me, my family, my siblings, my friends, all the wonderful places I saw.... hey! wait! I didn't introduce myself properly, did I? I am Murukku, the king of all snacks. I'm pleased to meet you. However, it's time for you to leave. Now, let me enjoy the thrill of my last journey.... 


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

ROFL! was a good distraction form my aani kuviyal today! :D

WannabeWriter said...

Good one.. Nice write.. and end la total ROFL.. I am new to this path.. and i like it here..

Nirmal Gunaseelan said...

Fantastic! I was reading and making so many assumptions on the character only to realize all of them are wrong :P Many things are not what they are, aren't they? Fabulous post.

alpine path said...

Porkodi, thanks paa! Ellam murukku saapta effect :)

alpine path said...

WannabeWriter, thanks for dropping by! Ippo thaan stories ezhutha start panni iruken. Do let me know how they are :)

alpine path said...

Nirmal, thanks a lot :) Yeah, it was interesting to make sure to leave enough clues but yet not be obvious... Now I wonder how authors who write thrillers and mysteries do it. Amazing!

Ann Sam said...

Good reads should never go unappreciated. Harini, this is mind blowing, you've got great humour and such a blend of imagination, innovation. Please keep writing