Monday, February 19, 2007

Dream Tag

Dream world is full of interesting stuff... and Sudipta tagged me about dreams! I am supposed to write three of my weirdest dreams and tag about five people. I don’t know which part is more fun. Anyways, here goes!

1.I had this dream when in school. Our school is one big building with an equally big terrace. As a small girl, I loved to play in the terrace but it was a forbidden area for us. Anything forbidden is always more tempting and I always wanted to go there at every possible opportunity. We also have another building very close to our main building with small bridges in between. This was the basic setting of my dream. It was dark in my dream and my friend and I are running from dogs (ok, I’m scared of dogs) that have somehow come up to the terrace. We both manage to close off the terrace door and try to find a way to escape. We see the adjacent building but lo! There is no bridge between the main building and the adjacent building. There is only one big swing(yes, you got it right! A swing!) and we have only ONE chance to get across. We start swinging and when we are about to reach, both of us slip off, me on one side and she on the other. We hang there like two sides of a balance. Then, I see down, realize how high up we are and....... got up all sweaty with fear!! From then on, I never went upto the terrace alone until my seventh or eighth standard.

2.This was a really weird but a very lovely(and hunger-inducing ;)) dream. One day, after my first experience of the giant wheel(a usual sight in the exhibitions) and reading the “Wishing Chair again” book where there is a land of goodies(where everything is made of food, even the trees, houses and roads.... wow!!), I dreamt that there is an exhibition in our town where once you enter, you get transported to the land of goodies spread over a hillock and there is a giant wheel at the very top. Me and my sister go to the exhibition and we are wearing a bizarre belt with a spoon, fork and a cup hanging from the belt :)We go to the giant wheel for a ride. On the way, we stop every now and then to taste everything. Even the mud on the road is made of chocolate. The flowers have ice creams and rasagullas and the houses are made of murukkus and appalams (a South Indian savory like the Papad but more yummy!) We keep eating a bit of everything with the spoon and fork(and sometimes with just fingers :)). However, there doesn’t seem to be any liquid anywhere. Then, we ask someone for water or milk or lime juice or....... anything liquid because we are so thirsty. He says that we have to go to the giant wheel, get into it, wish whatever drink we need and we’ll get it. Sounds simple, right? So, we go to the giant wheel, get into it as instructed and we both wish for strawberry milkshake. The giant wheel moves slowly and as we come to the top, a big pail of strawberry milkshake falls on us. (Cool yaar!! I could actually feel the chillness of the drink!) we go for a few more rides and each time, we wish for different things like the Rasna (I love you Rasna!! Remember??;) ), Pepsi, Lime juice, etc. Finally we ask for chocolate sauce and end up looking like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. I remember waking up and feeling very hungry. Even now, whenever I think of that dream, I start feeling very good and very hungry. ;) Any takers for this land???

3.In college, I used to study till 12 at night for semester exams. One day, as I had a difficult exam in a few days time and I hadn’t touched the book till then, I decided to do a night-out all by myself... then, armed with the books, music, the occasional snack, I went into my room and started studying. I didn’t know when I had nodded off... I had my book in my hand and lay on my desk in an awkward position. Then, I had a dream.... Someone at the window is asking me to open it by scratching it but they seem to carry a stick (like the ones witches have). I go to open the door but suddenly my mother appears asking me to say Adhithya Hrudhayam(a slokam that would protect us from all evil). I tell her that it is night and that it is supposed to be told only in the morning. Suddenly a lizard falls on me and... I woke up shivering. I saw that the time was 3 AM, switched off the light and went to sleep covering myself from top to bottom. The next day, I discovered that the scratching sound was because of a tree branch at the window. But, I’m yet to find out why my mother asked me to say that slokam. Kinda enigmatic, right?

This was one of the more interesting tags that I have got. Thank you Sudipta!! I love sleeping and trying to remember my dreams. People say that dreams can predict the future. If anyone can predict mine from my dreams, I’m all ears... I’d love to know a thing or two about my future... if not the far away future, atleast the near-future. Any help, anyone?? Ok! Here goes the tagging part:

Happy dreaming!! :)
And happy tagging!! ;)

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

First month from home

Ok... First things first!! Wishing you all a very (belated) happy new year! I do know its kinda late and that this post is long overdue. But what with one thing leading to the other and me not having a system for quite sometime, I couldn't help it :( Ok! This new year, the first thing that I did was to become a paying guest in a completely new city with all trappings associated with it. It all started with an interview I attended months back and got through. Then, I had thought I might not take it because of various reasons. Finally, each reason after another slowly faded out of sight and cutting a long story short, here I am!!

So many of my friends are asking how I am and how I am managing things all by myself. Thanks a lot for all your concern and care. I am both happy and touched with all your mails and messages. I am doing fine and have started learning lots of basic things in life like traveling in a public bus day in and day out(I've already used buses but infrequently... traveling daily is an adventure onto itself. And traveling to office and trying to keep yourself from looking as if you were just out of bed is no mean challenge!! The first day to office, I was looking like something that the cat picked up on its way!! :) Now the situation has improved. I only look like a rag doll and this is slowly fading too :)), learning to get ready in time with all the work done before I leave( this is no small job either), learning to manage in a place where I don't know the language, learning to work in an office environment and so on and so forth. Also, I got acquainted with lots of other people in the same predicament as I am.

I have learnt a lot of important lessons in the past one month, some of the most important ones being able to pick after myself wherever I go (those who have seen my room at home would know this better. Till last month, I never used to pick up my own stuff. I am a person who thinks that things are better kept at handy places than at proper places, though the amount of time that I’ve spent searching for stuff because of this policy of mine is really huge.), learning to adjust with people of all sorts and dispositions and having to move with them on a daily basis and not getting tensed in the process(I can’t afford to get tensed every day  It is one luxury I can’t afford myself) and trying to save myself from making a fool of myself in various situations(It’s really hard, you know??) For example, on the first day at office, I and S(my teammate, batchmate and roomie) were taken to our team and was introduced to M(who, by the way, was covering for our project leader, MD, who had gone for some meeting). He was friendly and told us about the different things that our team was doing and what was expected of us. I was already on a high because I had successfully done various things (right from doing everything on my own to reaching the office on time and in good condition) and I was really interested in the project. So, I was only listening with half a ear and even lesser concentration. I was more into imagining what all could be done in the project(one of my never-dying habits where I am all imagination at the beginning of any project, technical or otherwise). Somehow the talk session was over and he asked if we would like a cup of coffee. Such an exposure was new to both S and me and we tagged along after him to the pantry. He took a cup and went on explaining as to how the coffee is prepared and other useful related stuff. Something in my mind clicked and I told S that we could prepare our own coffee. She was ok with the idea too and immediately told it to M. Then, he looked at us with a blank look and then said “This cup is for me… I’m not that nice” with a laugh. We stood as if an iceberg had hit us. S recovered faster and said something. I could manage only a weak smile. I still didn’t understand what had happened. I went into autopilot mode, took a cup, filled it with some liquid(I guess it is milk) and went and sat in a cabin with it. Only after some ten minutes did I realize what fools had we made of ourselves! And S was furious at herself(and more furious with me because I was the originator of such an idea. Really I can't imagine how I could think things that way. Guess I was placing lots of hope on the innate goodness of mankind :) Anyways, that accounts for a really good laugh, right? )! Then, we both looked at one another and started laughing. We were having one good laugh when M came again. Since we were laughing, we hadn’t finished our drinks. He wanted to introduce us to the entire team. So, again we went, with cups in our hand to each cubicle and introduced ourselves. I can tell you that easily qualified as one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. I wished that the earth would open up and swallow me(only thing is, even if the floor below had opened up, I would have ended up in the ground floor and not exactly the underground;) ). Imagine meeting your teammates the first time with a cup in your hand. Oh God! What would they have thought? I’m sure it would not be one reserved for angels. This incident should tell you lots about saving myself and the potential difficulties ;)

Anyways, the first day, we went for a treat at office (M had bought a land and treated the entire team, since we were two poor souls who had only joined that day, they invited us too... But the food was heaven for someone who was missing home food). The first day had more amount of buns and came to be known as the “Bun day”. The second day was the “Drug day” where we saw some college students using drugs (well, B________ is giving us new experiences). The third day became the “Laughter day” when both of us were laughing at each and every single thing. The fourth day, we got down to some work and that was our “Verilog day”. After that, the days started moving faster and suddenly, it was time for the first review. We went to college, attended our first review and came back today morning. That was one more great experience (more on that in another post). From office, I learnt the importance of freedom, the responsibilities that come with the freedom and that things should never be assumed and understood wrongly; it is better to clarify it straight with the person who knows it. About my team, there are about 12 of us under MD. Our team has both design and verification people. We have N,J,U,HP,SK,G,K,M,So,S and myself with MD leading us. My team is really good at teaching us, especially me in clarifying all my doubts and queries. They also pitch in and help us with various other issues. Also, I love the work that is going on in my team and respect each person’s hard work, sincerity and dedication to their jobs. The atmosphere at office is motivational to work, interesting to be in and fun to do and, most important of all, comes with a large dose of freedom to experiment with things. Btw, I got my first stipend  Ah! The feeling that comes along with your first paycheck. It should be experienced to be understood.:)

In the weekends, we go shopping and meet friends at different places ( though cafĂ© Coffee Day is one of my favorites, the simple reason being that it is near to my place and not too straining on my stipend). I went to IIM, B_____ one weekend for a cultural event (Unmaad 07), met a few friends there and had a great time. I liked the place a lot. From weekend escapades, I understood that I would have to manage my time, money and effort properly in order to get the best deal out of all that I do and still have time to enjoy my activities. These are lessons that are needed in everyday adult life, the lessons that I am currently learning. Whether I stay here or go somewhere else to study or work, I am sure that these lessons would stand me in good stead and help me cruise along life’s way. I can see for myself that this one month has made me more mature in more ways than one. I’m moving faster and faster into the adult world and out the kids’ world. Though it is fun in one sense, it is nostalgic at the other. I feel as if I would miss the world that I know and am intimidated by the new world surrounding me. However, the challenge of the unknown is too tempting and I can only pray that I get to take the right decisions and do the right things at the right time. For that, I would need to harness all that I have learnt so far. Anyways, it has been fun so far and lets hope for the best 

PS: Guess this has been a long post. Please do bear with me. I had wanted to tell things as they happened but due to lack of resources and time, I put it all in one post. From now on, hopefully, there will be regular posts from me. Glad to have written this post after a long long time. See you, folks!

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Wait and despair!

She waits
She despairs
The result is unknown

The voice smiles
The voice pacifies
The trial goes on

Will she stand the trial?
Will she come out unscathed?
Will she live to rejoice?
Or will she be consumed by the dust,the dust that encompasses the entire universe?

Time will tell
Till then.....

The wait goes on.