Wednesday, April 01, 2009

A random post....

[Note: This post might/will not make sense to most people, so if you have something better to do, go and do it!]
  • Writing is a pleasure... but writing technical stuff that has to be approved by your advisor is so NOT FUN.
  • As you get closer to the D-day, butterflies fly in your stomach (atleast they do in mine!).
  • Not knowing if you'll have your D-day as planned is so damn stressful.
  • A place that I go to for total relaxation: R & G's place. All the time I was there last evening, I totally forgot about my thesis. And that is a BIG thing at this point of time. Thanks, guys! I sure needed that break!
  • Discussions about life over hot chai and savouries still rank top among the best ways to spend time.
  • Mr. and Mrs. Smith might turn out to be in my favorite movies list.(haven't watched it fully yet, but from what I saw, its good enough)
  • Not that it is a big deal, but I finally know who Brad Pitt is now(I know! Don't rub it in!)
  • I need people. Period. Even if I don't see them all the time, I need people in the same house that I am in... when my roomies go to their labs to conduct experiments, I either run to my lab or to my friends' place.
  • I discovered some great addons to Firefox that make my digital packrat uber happy!
  • Sometimes, thesis writing speeds up like the Shadhabti express and sometimes it chugs along like the passenger. And sometimes, it just stops like the Pallavan!
  • I need to get a mountain of work done in a week's time. I'm not sure if I can pull it off, but this is an interesting challenge. 
  • Thunk! Thunk! (hitting my head hard on a pillar for letting things pile up)
  • Get that done NOW!
Ok! Enough of chit chat! Back to work!
[P.S: I won't be around for another week! Have a great week and be safe, till then!] 
[P.P.S: I might break that too... so, just "see you till next time!"]


Vivek said...

I had better things to do, but still decided and go ahead read this :)

Good luck! Have fun! :)

alpine path said...

Vivek, thanks! Long time no see :) Good you stopped and read this despite your busy schedule! :P