Saturday, April 11, 2009

Another last!

Last Saturday, we had Tamil New Year celebrations at my university. Last year was a lot of fun and I had a memorable time with friends. I also got to host an event, plan for it and do impromptu stuff that was also on the lighter vein. The lighter vein was a first for me.

This year, again came the Tamil New year celebrations. And, I got to host that event again. It was so much fun and I got so sad at the end because it would be my last participation in this event. Yup! I wouldn't be here next year. Some observations on today:
  • Each year, the flavor is different. I liked both this year and last. But my position had changed. Last year, I was the person running around doing stuff. This year, I can happily see the batons changing hands. And, the juniors ran around now! Yay! I love this part of graduation.
  • There were some incidents that would have made me queasy last year. This year, though, I brushed it aside and did what was possible and best for all. I finally learnt a teeny weeny part of the lesson "You can't expect people to change, lite it and move on!"
  • I couldn't help everyone to participate in it but I sure wanted to... It was loads of fun though!
  • Last year's show dragged a bit, but this year, the show was lightning fast. And I had hoped for a lightning show last time (because I was so nervous) and a longer show this time (because I wanted one last time to do it). Well! Life gives you what you wish for... just at a different time! Talk about Time's warped sense of humor!! 
  • The co-hosts' flavors also made a LOT of difference to the show. Last year, again, I was learning the ropes and had G teach them to me. This year, I was teaching it to DS. The funny thing is, both were classmates in college. I have SOME connection with their batch. I get to do loads of stuff with their batch.
  • There are still some people who infuriate me. I want to bash their heads. Grrrr!!!
  • I got some great acquaintences that night. It was fun sharing things with them!
  • There is a lot more I need to learn with regard to balancing things.  It is amazing how some people get Stuff done and are still happy with personal life. Kudos to them!
  • We did our usual Tech snap :D Can't finish without it!! 
In all, it was a memorable experience. I'm sure I'm going to miss it in future! But I'm also satisfied that I did my part in making life more fun for all of us and look forward to other opportunities. End of one part of my life at B! Sigh! Another Last!


Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

I wanna part-aaayyy !! :-( . . . here ,I slept through the Tamil new year

Aths said...

It is nice to see you have enjoyed greatly .. But don't u worry, there will be someone or somebody-s in MS too, so you can rock there too ! :-)

alpine path said...

Fantasies of a Lifetime, sure! You should have a party and invite everyone from Tibetian monks to Green aliens to it! I'm already looking forward to it :D

Aths, true! But you tend to leave a part of yourself in every phase of life! And I'm sad that this phase of my life is coming to an end.... and fast!! :(