Saturday, November 03, 2012

Second post in a second

Hi again!! Now that I have re-started blogging, I can't wait to see what the next daily prompt is and get started on blogging. Oh yeah, even though the daily prompt is basically a list of questions, I'm wiling myself to not see what the next ones are just to keep the surprise going and to make my answers more spontaneous.... for, I've found that, every time I think a lot about a topic, I usually get into an argumentative mood (with myself, that is the worst part) and argue the pros and cons of the topic to death, get tired and just stop writing. I'm super determined that is not going to plague this exercise and hence the eagerness for the prompt :)

Here is day two's prompt:

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

The second I read the question, I knew the answer (there, that explains my post title - may be the question was designed to keep it really simple). Hear my reason out: Going back in time, when I was thinking of moving Neverland from black city for work/internship, I listed all the criteria I wanted in a place I would be calling home for a long time. Some of them were:

  • Not too many Indians but not too less Indians (black city has way less and bay area has way more - I wanted a happy medium)
  • Neither too hot nor too cold (even though I'm an Indian, I/my skin can't handle heat well - so a maximum of 80 F is all I can take - also, I have this innate fear of slipping on snow, so places that get snow more than five days a year are out of the list)
  • Not a large city but not a small town either (I can't handle the hustle and bustle of NY, I love visiting but I prefer a quieter place to actually live - also, I hate the concern that comes with a small community - I prefer being left to myself and my friends and not be worried about other things. Having a decent international airport close by for India trips is a definite plus)
  • Should be a place where I can get a job (being in engineering is kind of cool like that!)
A super short list - but you would be surprised how many places in US got eliminated as a result. I ended up with just two or three and chose the Rain city out of them all because it reminded me of Ooty and Munnar and Kodaikanal, my favorite destinations. It was cool even in summer yet never had too much snow, just enough to enjoy hot chocolate/book and not go to work for a couple a days. Then it cleared and things became gray and rainy again :D (and you thought bright and sunny?? ha ha! ). I don't mind the rain too much - I actually like it that the rain just pitter patters all the time, a constant sound that is oh-so-comforting! And the fact that I don't ever have to wash my car is icing on the cake!! We can do with some more sun but I've gotten this attitude that if it is sunny, it is a day not to be wasted indoor and is actually considered a holiday! And rainy days are more for work and not play (as a result, more gets done in winter here than in summer! H teases me, to no end, that he can predict when I'd come home from work based on the weather!).

Fast forward a couple of years and I'm still in love with this place - great friends, awesome work, lovely weather (H loved this summer here - he loved it that we can get out and not need sunscreen too much - and that the weather kind of stayed cool even at noon/late afternoon) and yeah, did I mention great friends? 
  • Enough Indians to make you feel secure but not enough to make you feel as if you are in India - check! 
  • The max temperature in summer is 80 F and the min temperature in winter is 40 F - so neither too hot nor too cold - check!
  • Rain city quiets down usually around 9 or 10 on week days and 11 or 12 on weekends but there are pockets that are all nighters if that is your style - check!
  • Loads of job opportunities - check!
And it is our honeymoon city! After wedding, we didn't have time for a specific honeymoon due to lack of vacation days, but with H being home all these months, we've been doing smaller and more honeymoons :D And I so don't think that he'd have been home if it was any other city. And we didn't have to stress about hitting the perfect score on honeymoons!! A win-win-win situation :)

So, my friends, Rain city takes the over all prize! :) What is your favorite place to live in? And are you living there already? Share it out!!

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