Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Meal time!

I'm trying to do two posts today - just to see if this idea would work and let me catch up to the 30 day post challenge. Here is the next prompt:

Tell us about the best meal you ever cooked.

Funny, I cook a lot of meals but there is never one meal that I'm especially proud of - simply because I haven't cooked that many meals that are very significant. Most have been meals for me and H, me and roomies, etc that was daily fare. But there are these dishes that you remember with superb clarity because you made them for someone special and their appreciation of it takes the simple dish to a new height. First, the Maggie that I did when in fourth grade - I still remember the happiness that came with it when my sister commented it was better than my mom's maggie (I suspect that the facts that she was starving and that the maggie was decently good made her declare so). Second, the first time I cooked pasta in US (I hadn't made a single good meal in US till then and the spicy hot pasta seemed too good to have been made by me). Third, the cookies that I made in Rain city (still remember the looks and comments from my friends appreciating it). Fourth, the egg curry that I made for my dad in India in a few minutes ( he super loved it and made sure to tell one and all that I was a whiz at cooking - which I'm not but I was super glad to have made something special for him in a matter of minutes) and finally, the full meals I cook with H ( those times are super fun irrespective of what we are cooking). The vadais and payasams I've made till date get special mentions in this list :) 

Now I've gotten super hungry writing this post.. Off to dinner!

Do leave a comment about your best meal cooked!


Ann Sam said...

Cooked so many dishes since the time i started cooking. But the special mention would be for the first time i made the chicken curry and had it all by myself. Loved it. Also the day I cooked Sardines curry when I was all alone in my PG. Delicious. Never did that turn out like that again.

Alpine Path said...

Wow! Sardines and chicken curry! Sounds super delicious :)