Wednesday, June 08, 2011

The other side

Bharani woke up with a start.

He heard a thud and got up to investigate. It was dark in the room and he started moving, out of habit, to the light switch. But he hit himself at the corner of the dresser and almost fell. Scowling in pain, he came to bed and sat for a few minutes. He felt too sleepy and went back to sleep. 


When he got up, it was all bright and sunny. He got up with a lazy yawn and remembered all that happened last night. Wow! what a party... he had tried weed for the first time in life and had been at a high all through the party. He vaguely remembered coming home and getting into bed. He got up, reminded of food by his rumbling stomach.

Wait a second! There is something different about the room today. Everything seems to be misplaced, or placed on the wrong side. His side table which was usually on his left was on his right side and his bathroom door was on the right. "Am I still on a high? Wow! the weed IS powerful. I haven't seen anything like it.", thought Bharani. He went to look at his face on the mirror and saw a strange bruise on the right side of his head. He didn't remember getting it. 

He saw in the reflection his mom coming into the room with a hot cup of his favorite filter coffee. He loved closing his eyes and feeling his mom's fingers on his head, caressing his hair. So, he waited with closed eyes. However, he never felt her fingers. He waited a few more minutes and then opened his eyes... 

He looked at his reflection in the mirror where his mom was caressing his hair and he was enjoying it. He turned to look back but couldn't find his mom. Gingerly, he raised his right hand and the Bharani in the mirror raised his left hand. He was on the other side.


Strange, Bharani is eating with the spoon in his left hand. He always uses his right hand for eating. When did he change it?, thought Mrs.Uma, Bharani's mom. Also, why is the mirror in his room dinged at one end? Should change it soon. Looking at cracked mirrors is not good.

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Raam Pyari said...

very interesting use of words!! loved it!