Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snapshot of a week - update

And, oh... forgot to add the following things:

  • Went to a Seattle Sounders game with M. Lot of firsts for that one - had a good time with M and other friends, my first live football game (it actually ended before I got bored - that is a plus!), 100th game for Sounders and good goals (two of them were super funny!), ride back to home in a bus late at night.
  • Installed a basketball hoop at office to play. Oh yeah, my company is that cool!
  • Organized two lunches and both went well. The company is getting more and more interesting.
  • Saw a bunch of movies - loved 180 though there is something missing, Ip Man series - loved it for the company I went with, some more tamil ones. Got to start serious movie watching soon. But we are in summer and I don't want to spend time watching movies... and what little indoor time I get, kindle takes my attention.
  • Finally, finally got my book moved to publishing (as in, real publishing - at the printers with the feel of ink on it). I can feel the printing happening on each word as I look at the script. Now I understand how writers all over feel. Though I'm one of the authors, I can't wait to see my chapter and book in print.
Looks like this week has been good, overall... lets see what the next week brings - I've already got a trip, a few movies, a lunch, a few chat sessions and a few talks lined up. But this hope, this is what makes life fun - As Anne says, 'half the fun in something is in expecting it'. And, I'm going to expect things fully!

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