Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Snapshot of a week

Here is another snapshot of a week post:

  • Amazing how meeting some people changes our lives or provides such a shock that we change our views a lot. Here are three people I met this week: one - a cancer patient - I'm stuck by her resolve to enjoy every minute of life and her love for life itself, two - someone in management - it was nice to see the differences in viewpoints between hard core technical people and people in management and three - someone whose actions I'm trying to figure out - I had thought I had seen all types of people possible (either real life or movies or books) but it was an eyeopener and a lesson in humility thrown in somewhere. 
  • Caught up with a couple of friends from my grad school after a long time - a conference call is so good when you are down!
  • Met a few of my undergrad friends for dinner - I don't think any of us would've predicted we'd end up where we are eight years ago (no, not even five years ago when this blog was started!)
  • Throw in a few chat sessions at M with friends. I'm loving every minute of them :) Definitely one of the highlights in daily life :P
  • Crazy Saturday night - I think I'd become a UNO expert pretty soon - I managed to do the same mistake more than once at the same point. The second time was a deja vu! Despite J's efforts to educate me in games, its pretty dismal. Then G finished my game for me.
  • Sidenote: I won all the games in cards that night!! So, there!
  • Sunday afternoon - unexpected lunch and movie party... but I'm getting back to intern days. Spontaneous is the word!
  • Sunday evening - met some of my friends for snacks. It was good meeting everyone (other than for bdays and anniversaries). I do miss the Kinect dinners we used to do - now everyone is busy and have more commitments to keep up. People can't 'just' relax and waste time anymore :( And I'm scared of growing older for this same reason - at one point, life would become a list of commitments to fulfill and the fun part would get lost. Even if I keep my life fun, I can't expect everyone else to do the same - and what is the point in doing things if you can't do them with friends? I'm not sure I know the solution to this one but I hope we all know it before it's too late!
  • K is coming to Neverland after like an infinity!! That one news made my whole week :) I'm already planning a whole slew of things to do - a trip to Canada and Portland are in the cards! Lets see!
  • Was totally down for a day or so (think Tuesday). I need to get a handle on my temper. It's usually fine but I flew off the handle for sometime and don't feel happy about it at all.
  • Had a really nice chat with KG's parents - they know me from when I was a baby (literally!) and hearing from them was super good. That is also a reminder that my parents and their friends are not growing any younger.
  • Got to be part of my dad's bday party! Thanks to technology and P :) I was feeling super bad that I couldn't be there (hence the bad temper) and the next day, got to do this!! 
  • Finally used my kindle to download a couple of books - Saturday afternoons are best spent lounging on a camp chair in the sun with a juice in one hand and a kindle with your favorite books in another. Lets see how long this bliss exists.
  • Heard that one of my cousins was moving to Canada soon! I'll so miss them!
  • Realized that a lot of my friends have stopped/reduced facebooking because they are all busy with work :O. I'm still among the remaining few that likes and comments and wishes and what not. As a result, my name pops up more times in more feeds (atleast, according to J, I produce more noise on facebook :P) and that has its own set of issues. OK, this also proves I'm pretty jobless!
  • Did a few late nights due to work - but life is pretty interesting.
Apparently, this is all I can think of about the last seven days of my life. I'm wondering if I should reduce facebook time and instead do a snapshot of week every week (and note things down as and when they happen). Atleast it would be a fun read a few years later ( not to mention that my facebook would be a lot cleaner).
As always, all comments welcome :)

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