Saturday, May 28, 2011

A dream fulfilled!

Something dreamed,
Something dared,
Something attempted,
Something after.

Something wished,
Something wanted,
Something tried,
Something thought.

Read through,
Done with,
Checked off the list.


PS: I finally finished ALL the works of LM Montgomery (atleast all of her fiction). Though I love Anne, I've grown to love the Story girl, John, Matilla and thousand other characters and families (the Andrews, the Blythes and so on) as well. Now, all that needs to be done is to visit Avonlea and PE Island and see if the magic world exists. But, I might not because I love the image I have in mind and don't want it set right or wrong. Ah! the power of imagination :)

PPS: Yet another thing off my forever bucket list. Now, I really don't care how many other books I read or not read anymore. I've read the best of English (Anne) and the best of Tamil (Ponniyin Selvan). Blissed!

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