Friday, May 07, 2010

Time for sleep?

Since childhood, most of my days have been jam packed with one practice or the other and one event or the other. Not that I did a lot (read, becoming a national champion at shuttle, the sport I dearly loved or becoming a renowned dancer or singer... you get the drift) but I had uber-fun all through. And my parents were the typical Indian parents and made sure I studied and studied hard. So, I'm used to nights with less than 6 hours of sleep and can never sleep more than 10 hours at a stretch.

At present, though, I seem to be yearning for 8 hours of blissful sleep and am even ready to cut back on other things. But the problem is there are so many interesting things to do when awake that dream land is finding it hard to wow me with its dreams even though I know I need precious sleep. So, I'm pulled between these realms, both of which are equally enticing. I can imagine some people's reply to this question: "Just go to sleep when you feel like it!" No!!! Then you are missing the whole point. If you choose sleep every time, then clearly you are giving more priority to it. And I, I can't decide the priority now. 

With the weekend in front of me and a lot of invites to interesting things that I want to attend (a hike, a movie, a dinner, a lunch, a shopping trip and counting...), the choice becomes harder. I'm sure I'll enjoy each of these events since I'm going to spend time with friends and roommates. But, at the same time, I yearn for some sleep, a sleep where I can fly away to the magic dream land that produces the most astonishing of tales with just me as the audience. With 'take back my life' being the present slogan, I'm clearly undecided as to what to do. However, its time to ponder the question: time to sleep?

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