Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Take back your life

Ever since I returned from India, I have this feeling of running around in circles, not getting anything done and not going anywhere. For one, I got sick the week I came back. For another, I was so interested in going to Canada that I pushed everything else to the back burner. And for another, I was missing India and my home so damn much that I didn't know where to start the combat. Add to this a few more things like trying to carpool, trying to settle the jetlag and trying to keep up with friends near and far and I'm BUSHED.

I've never been this late in responding to things like mails, comments, etc, reading books, posts, catching up with friends, clearing out stuff and more. And the stress shows! I've not been cooking regularly, been eating haphazardly (sweets and savories from India just didn't help!), spending a lot on unnecessary stuff, not spending enough on needed stuff, not watching/doing anything I like, not spending time with people as much as I want to, not taking time off to rest properly and so on and so forth.

Frankly, burning myself through hasn't seemed to make anyone happy! I'm not even sure if anyone noticed the effort. And I can't blame anyone for it. My life is so disconnected that no one (the person closest to knowing all facets of my life is my mom) even gets the full picture of it all. There are so many disconnected friends circles and relatives circles that even I've stopped counting. But I guess such is life for everyone. No one knows another's life so thoroughly to easily take up the reins of their lives. Ok! I'm digressing...

I've decided to take back my life and plunge through my to-do list with the sometimes bitter pills in between. However, most of the things on my to-do list are actually stuff I want to do and I'm glad that there are a lot of sweet treats awaiting me :)

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