Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Reading, reading and more reading!

Phew! I've read 100,000+ words and 600+ pages in the past 24 hours! And all of them related to technical stuff. This is a new high and here's opening the champagne to celebrate this one. Whoosh!

Readings include: RFCs, spec docs, two chapters of a PhD thesis, three papers for conference review, one masters thesis and two architecture docs. One consolation was that not all of it was for the same subject matter. It ranged from DNS to formal verification to power-aware hardware design synthesis.

One observation: reading technical stuff needs more concentration (yeah! I had to work till 9 pm yesterday and yeah! I read technical papers first thing this morning - just don't ask me how I managed to still think the day was worth living) and more active reading. Its not the same as reading a novel that's 600 pages long. A good novel easily takes you into the story whereas technical reading requires you to actively get into the subject matter and keep your attention there (the hardest part of this exercise). Frequent breaks do help (atleast in my case) but there was always the danger of the breaks becoming longer and longer. I used bash-up sessions when I got bored of reading technical stuff. Thanks to friends and facebook, I also managed more breaks and yet get back once I was done.

Now that the champagne is poured out, I'm getting back to reading more stuff. And yeah, you guessed it right! This post was a break too :D

Have a fun week, guys!

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