Monday, May 24, 2010

Is middle class going into a crisis?

I strongly believe that to improve something, the first step is to analyze it. And what is the easier than analyzing numbers, through finance and economics? It might have come from my mom, a Commerce prof herself. But I think numbers tell a magic story, for those that are ready to hear it. I don't claim to hear all of what numbers say, but sometimes try to listen to swatches of it every now and then. The following video does a comparison of middle class in US, then and now. And the facts are quite scary! Not that we can do much about it but we can try to do our best - for if not for that, what else is life?

P.S.: I'd love to see some similar studies on classes in India. Do we have any?


clarity said...

Nice one!!! I've subscribed to your blog. Since when you started putting up your opinions on your blog. Mostly your posts would be impersonal. Now a days you are writing more personal things.It would be better and safe if it is less personal and more interesting. My opinion. :)

alpine path said...

Clarity, looks like its some advice that's boomeranging! :D I'm not sure if the posts have become more personal, maybe that's a ruse I use to break the writer's block I've gotten bad. I keep things at a level I find comfortable, so it should be fine!
And thanks for the subscription :) Let me know how it looks on email.