Sunday, March 22, 2009

A uber-fast weekend edition

It was a really busy weekend with me trying to catch up on my data analysis part and discussions on some meetings and shows(yup! I'm hosting a show in my university for the Tamil New Year. I did it last year as well and it turned out to be great fun. Also, I got some really good advice(as in, real advice) that made a dent in my views of life. This year too, I'm looking forward to it.) But here are a few interesting articles that I ran across:

Strange how the buyout of one company can seriously affect two unrelated companies - a followup on my ibm-buying-sun post - happens only in the technology sector.

Buiding an innovation nation? - The innovation heat map shows it all.

Will you take advice from fictional billionaires? - Strangely some of them make a lot of sense.

Some interesting office sites - wish I had the yacht or treehouse office(I know, I know, I wouldn't get any work done!)

Some disheartening scenes from recession - most of them show signs of arrested development - construction, job scene, shopping

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