Monday, March 02, 2009


Sometimes, the hot coffee smell from a cafe as you pass it reminds you of home and your grandma's coffee.

Sometimes, the four-part hairdo that an American girl sports reminds you of the time your granny taught you to do it and her appreciation of your making.

Sometimes, the soft white snow that crinkles under your touch reminds you of your grandma's skin and its softness.

Sometimes, the tasting of some exotic Indian dish at a friend's place reminds you of the time your grandma made it just the way you liked it so that you eat it without fuss.

Sometimes, your friends advising you about healthy eating reminds you of the care that your granny took to make sure you were healthy.

Sometimes, seeing a swing reminds you of the innumerable hot summer days when you went back home for Nannari sarbath after playing in the swing with friends.

Sometimes, seeing a perfectly made vadai or appalam makes you think of the countless vadais and appalams and other dishes(all of them perfect) that you had made by your granny.

Sometimes, seeing your international school advisor reminds you of your granny and you wait half an hour to just meet her instead of getting the work done by another advisor who is free.

Sometimes, you tend to look out for some colors when shopping for clothes because they remind you of your granny in her favorite sari.

Sometimes, the cold weather reminds of the bhajjis and bondas that your granny made for you and your cousins.

Sometimes, seeing a small American boy and smiling at him just because his nose and jaws remind you of your granny.

Sometimes, calling your mom just so that she uses some words that your granny always does.

Sometimes, even in the midst of hardships, you know that your granny would have been happy at what you've done.

Sometimes, in the dead of the night, with her picture near you, your pillow reminds you of her lap and all the times you slept in it.

Sometimes, when you feel nothing goes right, your granny's serene smile brings joy to you and a confidence that you can win the world.

I miss you, paati!

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