Saturday, March 21, 2009

Change of guard!

She loved life!
Loved everything in it
Every minute
Every second
Every moment

She lived life!
Lived everything of it
Every experience
Every emotion
Every fibre

She gave a lot,
And took a lot back

She had a lot of stuff
Even from the simplest of interactions

She decided to pare down
Even if it meant letting go

She threw stuff out
Gleaned from long-over endeavors

She built life!
Built everything from it
From the foundation
From the scratch
From the beginning

She changed life!
Changed everything in it
From the heart
From the sheath
From the mind

The foundation was shaky
She stabilized it with her mind

The beginning left her in the dark
She kindled a lantern from her heart

The start was scary and alone
She started it with her sheath

The path shivered her to the deeps
She took a ray of hope from her soul

The Voice smiled
Smiled at everything there!
At the decisions
At the changes
At the intensity

The Voice serenaded
Serenaded with questions there!
At the plans
At the thoughts
At the rules

The Voice was concerned
That the decisions were too fast

That the changes won't stand
That that intensity was against her nature

That the plans weren't well laid out
That the thoughts weren't well reasoned out

That the rules were too harsh
The serenading continued....

The Voice was worried
Worried that she was stressed
And making changes too fast

She was firm
The rules had changed
So, she better change too

The Voice said
'Don't go against your nature
You'll hurt yourself'

She said
'I won't go against my soul
I'm just letting it heal'

'By not pouring myself
To every cup in this world
And letting myself go dry'

'By not worrying about others
And unworrying about me
Acting too silly to keep everyone grown up'

'They can defend, they can do
The world doesn't need me to heal
The world goes on, even without me'

'Though my scent is rare and precious
It can live without me
I need myself, I need me'

The Voice understood
Her expectations needed a break
A break from family
A break from friends
A break from the world

The Voice thought
She needs herself now
Herself to heal
Herself to be happy
Herself to find meaning

The voice chided itself
For not seeing this happen

For concentrating too much on the out
For not seeing the health of the soul

The Voice wondered what to say
For this was a matter of the soul

It didn't have experience in it
Nor a soul to understand

She said
'Do you get it now?
For I need you to guide me through'

The Voice said
'I do get it now
But I can't guide you through'

'I don't understand matters of soul
For its not the heart or the mind
Which is child's play to me'

'Soul searches are like a cave
You can come upon diamonds
Or upon skulls and bones'

'Be prepared for both
But I feel its more the diamonds
Than the skulls in this place'

'Keep your ray of hope shining
For that is the link to your soul
And that will guide us through'

'Through the best of times
And through the worst of times
But always remember why the rules changed'

'That is the food for your lantern
The shovel for your mind
And the nutrition for your sheath'

She and the Voice
Hand in hand,
Walk the ray lit path.

The path was rough
This was a path less taken
And they needed each other

It all came to this in the end
The test had begun
And the rules of life had changed.

Lets wish them both
Give them time to heal
And keep a prayer on our lips!

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