Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A trillion dollar bill?

Can you imagine a one dollar bill? 
Sure, you can get small stuff with it. 

Can you imagine a five dollar bill?
Sure, you can even have a decent meal at Burger King with it.

Can you imagine a ten dollar bill?
Sure, you can have a good sit-down lunch at a decent restaurant with it.

Can you imagine a fifty dollar bill?
Sure, you can use it to get stuff for a weekend party... the money would be best used for lot of stuff.

Can you imagine a hundred dollar bill?
Sure, it would be a good chunk of my rent.

Can you imagine a thousand dollar bill?
Sure, it would be in terms of my paycheck.

Can you imagine a ten thousand dollar bill?
Sure, it would be what I pay for my semester fees to my school.

Can you imagine a million dollar bill?
Uh! Now its getting harder. How about the economy of some companies or even small countries? Or maybe the life savings of an average American? I'm sure it would be a hard-to-imagine money for an average world-citizen(all the people in the world).

Can you imagine a billion dollar bill?
Wait! its a thousand million dollar bills right? So, is it the economy of thousand companies or countries? I can surely say that every Indian can get one dollar of it and still be fine. Or maybe the American stimulus bills can simplify it in my brain? 

Can you imagine a trillion dollar bill?
Whoa! that is a thousand billion dollar bills. And that means, its a thousand thousand million dollars. Are there even that many people in this world? Combining all the people in this world, I'd think the figures would be around 50 or 100 billion? Lets do a google search! Wikipedia says that there are only 6.76 billion as of March 2009. What??? Less than 0.7% of a trillion??? And here, the Iraq War alone costs more than a trillion dollars? And, you need more than a trillion dollars to revv up the economy? And, people aren't sure that it would help? Ok, based on thisinspiration, lets say the US Government decides to get all the cash to make a trillion dollar stack. Heck! The total circulation of currency bills is itself not a trillion dollars. Ha! Ha! Now its becoming funny! Other than war and pumping money to an economy, what else can a trillion dollars do? But surely, we are talking more of it. No wonder, the trillion is the new billion.What isa thousand trillion, anyone? For, with the way the economy is going, we might need to talk in terms of that soon.

What are your thoughts on this one?


vissu said...

Frankly, i've lost count after million. You know it's tough with that many zeroes contrary to the fact that gave 'zero' to the world.
Trillion dollars?? my mind cant even register that number. Let alone thinking of what to do with that.

alpine path said...

vissu, yeah! I'm in the same state. Its worrying that we are dealing with something that our minds can't fully comprehend. That increases the chances of disasters. :(