Thursday, February 12, 2009

A circular dream

Do you think we can predict the future by our dreams? I'm not sure but I keep getting really interesting dreams. Yesterday, I had a weird circular dream. A circular dream is one where you seem stuck in the dream, that is, the events in the dream seem to keep happening again and again. Though you know its a dream, its even tiring to think that the dream will go on and on and there is nothing more interesting in the dream and that it would be better if you wake up. 'Stuck in a rut' would be a good phrase to use :) I've inserted my rational mind's comments. Now, on to my dream!

I keep going in a car(right now my favorite is a stylish, sexy car the color of golden gray(I'm not sure if there exists even such a color, but that color totally excites me!) So I'm assuming the car in the dream is that one) on a mountain road at high speed. I'm alone in the car, have no music playing and don't even have a cellphone(which is really really weird because I can't live without hearing another person's voice all the time). Then I see big kites being flown in the valley below and wish how nice it would be if I could be in a kite. I can see all the interesting things going on in the villages and cities. It would be awesome. Suddenly, the mountain that I'm on changes into a big kit and I and the car are in it. We are soaring in the sky. Big, soft, white clouds enter the car through one window and leave through the other. But I feel that being a kite is boring because everything looks so tiny from the top and want to land somewhere.

I remember feeling thirsty and wish for some strawberry milkshake. Suddenly the mountain settles down and my car stops near a milkshake tree. The tree gives milkshake fruit, all in a satchel. I'm so tempted to run towards that tree for having even one of those trees would ensure that I drank strawberry milkshake all through my life(Ah! bliss!!). Then I try to get down from the car but suddenly realize that I'm safer inside the car(I'm not sure why I felt that but I sense the car is safer than any other place). I feel that the car is magical and that's why things are always good. So, feeling very clever, I wish for strawberry milkshake inside the car so that I don't have to get down from the car. But, immediately, strawberry milkshake starts sprouting from every opening in the dashboard. Even the AC vents spew strawberry milkshake. Then it starts hitting on my clothes and they become sticky with strawberry milkshake (Imagine if you had dropped milkshake on yourself and multiply it fifty times over!).

I say "Yuck!!" and wish that I should have a good bath and wear clean well pressed clothes, all sitting inside the car. Suddenly, there is water pouring from the top of the car and after sometime, there is so much wind that I can't see anything at all and my eyes hurt. Finally I realize I can smell the daisies and see that I'm wearing clean clothes again. I'm all happy and decide that its the car definitely doing its trick. But now I'm really hungry and thirsty and wish I had a plate of chicken Lowmein(one of my favorite dishes) 'Indian spicy'. That is on my lap the next minute and it looks so delicious. I start eating it and totally love it. When I'm halfway through, I see a big dog standing outside the car. He looks so pitiful and eyes the food. I feel sad and open the window to offer him food. But, he catches hold of my hand. I throw the food at him with my other hand and he runs to catch that. In the meanwhile, I try to raise the window of the car. But it doesn't work.(I'm not sure why I didn't decide to start the car and drive away or even think about it! For after all, by logic, the car should've started as soon as I think about it.)

I realize, to my horror, that my little finger is inside the dog's stomach and not on my hand where it should be!(I don't remember seeing the blood or feeling the pain at all, does dreamland have no pains? It seems to have been a clean cut). But, having eaten the food, the dog starts coming at me. So I get down from the car and start running for life. My bad luck, the cliff ends there. I see a big size kite and tell the kite "please take me to safety". But the kite says "No I won't because you think being a kite is boring". Damn! I curse myself for it all and turn back to see the dog at my heels and the car nowhere to be seen. So I jump off the cliff and while falling down, think how much I'll b hurt. Then I remember that this cliff goes down to 10000 ft and no one has survived a fall. It takes a good few minutes to actually hit the ground and that's why I'm still falling. (some of the stupidest facts come to your mind when you are dying. I didn't dream of my loved ones faces but was analyzing why I've not yet reached the bottom! Oh man!)

I plan to change into a feather or snow flake so that I don't get hurt at all. Since the snow flake can melt, I become a white feather and fall on a moving car's bonnet and get stuck in the design stick on top of the bonnet and I see me in the driver's seat driving the car thinking of how good it would be to be a kite. Then, I woke up!

As soon as I got up, I first didn't know what was it that woke me up for I had planned on sleeping a good few hours more. Then I remembered the dream and tried to go through it all again. But most of what I remember from this dream sequence is my belief in the safety of the car, my fear of the dog, my decision to change to a feather and finally my horror in seeing myself in the driver's seat like a third person. The last emotion was so strong that I felt that there can be no end to that dream for I would always be back on the bonnet of my car and I would drive thinking how nice it would be to be a kite.

One of my friends said that dreams can predict the future of a person. I'm only hoping that this circular dream doesn't have anything to do with my research. For I can't afford to get back to square one(as in the dream) and start my research again. Safety, fear, quick thinking and horror about never-ending sameness are all applicable to my research as well. I'm safe as long as I'm treading on known ground(read,something already discovered by others and implemented by me). I'm fearing the unknown and that research might consume a part of me(like how I lost my little finger!). I'm capable of taking good and quick decisions(not sure how this factors with research. Does my good and quick decision about my research lead me to square one again?). And finally my horror in starting again and finding no way out(I DON'T want this one to happen at all! Damn! Life would certainly become very very boring)

Do you believe in dreams? And do you believe in their predictions about future? Do share your thoughts and favorite dreams. And if anyone can predict this dream of mine, do so. I'm all ears! :)


startblog said...

Awesome dream :) good write up... did u wrote this also in dream ;) lol...

alpine path said...

startblog, thanks :) Lol! Welcome aboard!

Arun said...

i have spent a good deal of time introspecting on dreams, in the end my conclusions were always contradicting.
i think dreams bring out the true feelings/desires of the person, which ur brain dont want u to know, urself when awake.

alpine path said...

Arun, thanks for that comment. Gives me a load of confidence. I'm hoping for that to be true in my case too.
But, I'm not sure what true feelings to understand from this dream(other than wanting to drink strawberry milkshake :D). Guess I'll have to wait a bit more and see.

vissu said...

Yeahhh...i can interpret this dream for u.....Time for you to get a NEW CAR...and one that can give strawberry milkshake at your command. LOL!
Well..after i read your dream and some googling, i found this on some 'dream interpretation' website.
"To dream that you are driving a car, denotes your ambition, your drive and your ability to navigate from one stage of your life to another. Consider how smooth or rough the car ride is. If you are driving the car, the you are taking an active role in the way your life is going. However, if you are the passenger, then you are taking a passive role. If you are in the backseat of the car, then it indicates that you are putting yourself down and are allowing others to take over. This may be a result of low self-esteem or low self-confidence. Overall, this dream symbol is an indication of your dependence and degree of control you have on your life"

Soo..let me know when you get a new car!! Good luck with ur research!

alpine path said...

vissu, that site was interesting and funny! I ran it through some earlier dreams and the results were hilarious. But sadly, they don't have an interpretation for strawberry milkshake, a recurring thing in my dreams :P