Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Some interesting articles

Some interesting links I came across this week:

Going to extremes to land a jobI've heard of a story during internship about a guy who sent a life-sized cutout with his resume to grab the attention of the recruiters. How far and how unconventional will you go to get back the job?

Automakers seek $14 billion more in aidChrysler was one of my favorite companies, simply due to Lee Iacocca. His books, Talking Straight and Where have all the readers gone?, are really good. But now, seeing the mess that the automakers are in and their under-estimation of their competitors is making me sick of it all. But that argument is for a later day. Now is the Government doing the right thing or throwing away good money after bad?

The TV bubble is readying to burstI've not watched much TV since my childhood(well, excepting Cartoon Network,Sun TV and Sun Music - a weird combination). And now, I've switched to the internet totally. But I see that there are only a few channels that are watched by people(among Indians) again and again. Not many new channels are being watched. But new channels keep getting started and live on a hype for a few months. Is the bubble going to burst?

H1-B visa holders: Alberta,Canada need you!Finally, some good news for the H1-B visa holders. Alberta, Canada is implementing a fast track immigration program. Interesting to see the different effects of recession. I sure didn't expect this one, though! :)

Fate = DecisionsShared by one of my friends, this falls into oh-so-true category!

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