Wednesday, February 11, 2009

What's your credit age?

One of my friends sent me this interesting link after she saw my nerd score up. She is a finance major and that figures! Check out this link for your credit age. Its interesting to do but not really relevant to me at this point in life. Maybe, after 10 years....
But I'm happy to 'know' that I'm credit capable. Takes a load off my mind in this credit crisis(pun intended!) What's your credit age?
I am 38
in credit years!
Credit Curious
Credit Age Quiz by

PS: The same rule as nerd test. I don't want to litter the side panel of my blog with these labels. So making it a post.


Madhan Sivakumar said...

45 years - Credit Connoisseur :P

alpine path said...

Madhan, that's cool :) What did you answer for the house questions?