Monday, February 19, 2007

Dream Tag

Dream world is full of interesting stuff... and Sudipta tagged me about dreams! I am supposed to write three of my weirdest dreams and tag about five people. I don’t know which part is more fun. Anyways, here goes!

1.I had this dream when in school. Our school is one big building with an equally big terrace. As a small girl, I loved to play in the terrace but it was a forbidden area for us. Anything forbidden is always more tempting and I always wanted to go there at every possible opportunity. We also have another building very close to our main building with small bridges in between. This was the basic setting of my dream. It was dark in my dream and my friend and I are running from dogs (ok, I’m scared of dogs) that have somehow come up to the terrace. We both manage to close off the terrace door and try to find a way to escape. We see the adjacent building but lo! There is no bridge between the main building and the adjacent building. There is only one big swing(yes, you got it right! A swing!) and we have only ONE chance to get across. We start swinging and when we are about to reach, both of us slip off, me on one side and she on the other. We hang there like two sides of a balance. Then, I see down, realize how high up we are and....... got up all sweaty with fear!! From then on, I never went upto the terrace alone until my seventh or eighth standard.

2.This was a really weird but a very lovely(and hunger-inducing ;)) dream. One day, after my first experience of the giant wheel(a usual sight in the exhibitions) and reading the “Wishing Chair again” book where there is a land of goodies(where everything is made of food, even the trees, houses and roads.... wow!!), I dreamt that there is an exhibition in our town where once you enter, you get transported to the land of goodies spread over a hillock and there is a giant wheel at the very top. Me and my sister go to the exhibition and we are wearing a bizarre belt with a spoon, fork and a cup hanging from the belt :)We go to the giant wheel for a ride. On the way, we stop every now and then to taste everything. Even the mud on the road is made of chocolate. The flowers have ice creams and rasagullas and the houses are made of murukkus and appalams (a South Indian savory like the Papad but more yummy!) We keep eating a bit of everything with the spoon and fork(and sometimes with just fingers :)). However, there doesn’t seem to be any liquid anywhere. Then, we ask someone for water or milk or lime juice or....... anything liquid because we are so thirsty. He says that we have to go to the giant wheel, get into it, wish whatever drink we need and we’ll get it. Sounds simple, right? So, we go to the giant wheel, get into it as instructed and we both wish for strawberry milkshake. The giant wheel moves slowly and as we come to the top, a big pail of strawberry milkshake falls on us. (Cool yaar!! I could actually feel the chillness of the drink!) we go for a few more rides and each time, we wish for different things like the Rasna (I love you Rasna!! Remember??;) ), Pepsi, Lime juice, etc. Finally we ask for chocolate sauce and end up looking like Charlie in the Chocolate Factory. I remember waking up and feeling very hungry. Even now, whenever I think of that dream, I start feeling very good and very hungry. ;) Any takers for this land???

3.In college, I used to study till 12 at night for semester exams. One day, as I had a difficult exam in a few days time and I hadn’t touched the book till then, I decided to do a night-out all by myself... then, armed with the books, music, the occasional snack, I went into my room and started studying. I didn’t know when I had nodded off... I had my book in my hand and lay on my desk in an awkward position. Then, I had a dream.... Someone at the window is asking me to open it by scratching it but they seem to carry a stick (like the ones witches have). I go to open the door but suddenly my mother appears asking me to say Adhithya Hrudhayam(a slokam that would protect us from all evil). I tell her that it is night and that it is supposed to be told only in the morning. Suddenly a lizard falls on me and... I woke up shivering. I saw that the time was 3 AM, switched off the light and went to sleep covering myself from top to bottom. The next day, I discovered that the scratching sound was because of a tree branch at the window. But, I’m yet to find out why my mother asked me to say that slokam. Kinda enigmatic, right?

This was one of the more interesting tags that I have got. Thank you Sudipta!! I love sleeping and trying to remember my dreams. People say that dreams can predict the future. If anyone can predict mine from my dreams, I’m all ears... I’d love to know a thing or two about my future... if not the far away future, atleast the near-future. Any help, anyone?? Ok! Here goes the tagging part:

Happy dreaming!! :)
And happy tagging!! ;)


Sudipta Chatterjee said...

Oh... I'm so glad I tagged you. That second dream is really a dream-dream! Wow... only if I could walk through so much food :) Bolo giant wheel ki jai!! :D

Arun said...

good dreams. quite surprised u can remember dreams to such technical detail that happened so many years back in ur life(side effect of watching tamil movies? ;)). i'll pen down mine sometime(in "near" future). just lazy "now" :)
actually i read ur post long time back. was lazy even to comment.
anyway sweet dreams.

Anand said...

Thanks for tagging me, but I think I am lazy like Arun here. I can't think of any good dreams that I would want to recall and blog about. Hmmmm, nah.

Anyways, good read.

alpine path said...

Sudipta, thanks for the tag! I'm eagerly looking forward to such a land too. Hope I find it in heaven when I go there :)

Arun, some of my dreams stand out so much that I remember them well. Some others, I forget as soon as I hop out of bed. It takes all kinds to make life interesting, right? I'm still waiting for you to finish the tag! :)

Anand, come on! Devote a bit of your time for this post. I can assure you, it will be lots of fun :) Anyways, thanks!