Saturday, January 31, 2009

RIP - Nagesh

If there was one actor whom I knew to watch out for in the movies since my 3-4 years, it was Nagesh. Every time that actor came on screen, it was time for fun and comedy! His acting, his mannerisms, his dialogue delivery and lots more endeared him to thousands of fans in and outside Tamil Nadu. My first(remembered) impression of him was from "Ethir Neechal". His "Maadhu vandhuruken" still brings a smile and sadness with it. Then came "Thiruvilaiyaadal". Nobody could've done the Dharumi role better. Even among the present actors, there is none who can essay that role with the same ease and confidence. He was so talented and was able to do any role with ease. Right from Kaadhalikka Neramillai to Sarvar Sundaram to Thillana Mohanambal, his acting has seen many genres. From Magalir Mattum, I understood that you need talent to act like even a dead body!! Some of my other favorites are pattinathil bootham, bama vijayam(I totally love this one!) and Nawab Naarkali. Though his recent films(Kaadhal konden, Dasavatharam, Rhythm) were less based on comedy, he was able to act them with finesse.
May his soul rest in peace!


Jeyaraj said...

Your tribute to Mr Nagesh is simply superb and you have rightly pointed out about the Dharumi character in the film Thiruvilaiyaadal. Yes sure no one could essay this character better than him. Let the parted soul rest in peace.

Arun said...

Yeah, its a sad news.
Nagesh is a true legend - my most fav actor in tamil cinema.

alpine path said...

Jeyaraj, thanks! And welcome aboard!

Arun, mine too. I still can't believe he is gone. Damn!