Friday, January 30, 2009

What the hell?

What the hell is NDTV thinking it is doing? By asking for withdrawals for having opinions against the media's actions, NDTV has gained the wrath of a hundred others. And, isn't this against the so-called freedom-of-speech that Ms.Dutt and NDTV stand by? Or is there a separate Constitution of India that states that media and general public are to have different degrees of freedom of speech?
Can anyone clarify it for me, please?


Arun said...

isnt asking for withdrawal, a freedom of speech too :) just like refusing it.
I dont know the issue you are talking about other than a 30s look at the link, but seems to me like a journalist made a settlement(or threat) with somebody who made bunch of defamatory statements against her. seems business as usual to me.

alpine path said...

Arun, yup! Asking for withdrawals and refusing them are all under the freedom of speech, theoretically! But when combined with money and power, it becomes much easier to do the withdrawal. The blogger in question said that Ms.Dutt and NDTV, by their minute-to-minute update of the Mumbai situation, jeopardized the commandos' actions. Though it is true, this irked NDTV and they have asked for a withdrawal or face legal action. The blogger chose the withdrawal route simply because he can't go by the I-refuse-and-will-face-you-in-court route simply due to lack of finances.