Friday, January 30, 2009

Lessons learned today.....

Been hit by a slew of incidents.... can't really talk much about it for it is about a dear friend of mine. All I'm doing is praying for her and keeping my eyes open.
1) Be clear in what you say - the words you use might mean something different to the other person. For, everyone's upbringing is different.
2) Clarify what you understand - doesn't do harm to make sure that you understood something right. And try to think about something from all viewpoints.
3) Keep your mouth shut when not needed.
4) Not everyone who helps you are doing it only for you.
5) People who bring you into a fix might be showing you the world in a different light...... and that might be good for you.
Good Luck, A!


Arun said...

ah, easier said :)
hey - ur friend mite feel slightly bad eventhough u have kept her annonymity bcos ppl are sure going to ask offline.
pls delete this comment after reading.

alpine path said...

Arun, true! These lessons need to be taught again and again till it gets into our hard skulls. And, I know that people wouldn't ask me stuff offline that I don't disclose online unless I want to talk about it. So, no worries about it.

Princess Fiona said...

hmm..tough lessons...but im sure every single person has learnt them in their own way!

alpine path said...

Princess Fiona, true. But Life makes sure we never forget them, for every time we do, we get a good lesson. Life is a strict teacher!