Monday, January 05, 2009

Happy New Year!

Wish you all a great and fantabulous new year :) 
I'm currently in India enjoying life to the hilt with my family and friends. Some pointers:
1) Life@home never changes, whether you are a school student or a college student or a grad student. And I love it for that! Gives me a feeling of security and constancy in this ever-changing world.
2) Its fun to meet college and school friends after a long time. Glad to have shared all the stories of the past 1.5 years!
3) Everyone said that I hadn't changed much. It put my worry that I had become chubbier (aka fatter) to rest. :) One of the best gifts of this new year ;)
4) My family was happy to see that I was finally getting some sense(aka adult ways - not getting very excited for small things, not shouting with joy, etc.) into me :D. Even I was amazed at the transformation.
5) I found that some people are the same, despite all that life throws at them. Some, I love them for it and some, I hate them for it. But that is life!
6) Been away from my thesis work for more than a week now. I loved the break and got some new perspective because of it.
7) Been doing the usual rounds to friends' places, favorite hangouts, doctors' checkups, etc. Going on some big trips soon! Yay! I can't wait for them to start.
8) Great to celebrate everything with cousins. One more reason to remind me why my cousins and family are among the best in the world. Waiting for my last cousin to join the gang!
9) Growing up has its advantages and disadvantages. Every time I learn something about the world, the equation changes and I have to relearn it all. But its loads of fun!
10) My reader shows 1000+ posts in each category. I've been starring like crazy but that doesn't seem to help. My advisor would definitely not like it if I go on a reading spree again! But all that can wait once I get back to grad school. Right now, I'm enjoying every moment of my holidays.

Hope you all had a great break too! The posts would come in regularly once I get back. But for now, its intermittent posting period! :) Take care!


Madhan Sivakumar said...

Some comments :P
2) I'm sure you don't have to catch up 1.5 yrs with anyone. You'll definitely be in contact with most of them (at least on a monthly basis)
4) REALLY? So, this is after the transformation?!!!

Enjoy the rest of your stay there b4 you return to grad life!!

alpine path said...

Madhan, reply to some comments :P
2) Though we keep in touch regularly, nothing beats meeting them in person and chatting with them, right? I know the "info" earlier on, but the "story" (info + their facial expressions + other stuff that a psychologist can easily give a lecture on) comes only with an in-person meeting. Clarified it now? :)
4) yeah, now is after the transformation. Summer 2008 and Fall 2008 taught a lot, to put it mildly. :)

Arun said...

happy new year and happy nostalgia

alpine path said...

Arun, thanks and same to you :)