Saturday, March 08, 2008

A proud taxpayer

Well, Folks! I've paid my first taxes :)
Though I've earned stipends and salary before, it was always as a student and always less than what comes into the tax bracket. Even now, I'm a student and within the taxless salary tax bracket(R, help me with the tax lingo here!). But, the only difference between earlier years and now is that, I had to file tax forms and legally go the whole nine yards. One more step in blending with the adult world and I'm happy! A proud taxpayer, finally!


Arun said...

im seeing the first taxpayer who was happy/proudd abt paying tax :)

alpine path said...

arun, paying taxes shows that we are responsible enough to be allowed to manage our own affairs and that we are grown up enough to contribute to the society in our own right. I know it might not sound apt for the present world but this is the ideal reason for growing up and doing stuff right? :)