Saturday, March 08, 2008

Life and all its pleasures!!

She was bored
She was tired
With life and all its pleasures

She was dissipated
She was too happy
Happy without a goal defined

She didn't realize
Realize the gravity
The gravity of losing a goal

She lost track
Track of the journey's end
As the journey was too pleasant

She loved pleasant life
Life without any worries
Coz her rewards came, and sweet were they!

The Voice thought
The Voice decided
To make her get a goal

The Voice pushed
The Voice prodded
Schemed to make pleasures harder to get

The Voice argued with her
To leave petty differences
To forget things that sucked time

The Voice enlightened her
Her journey's end came in mind
A mind now filled with the end and end only

The Voice made her see reason
Reason that fueled her
Fueled to get the promised rewards, and work began!


Cuckoo said...

Is it really a fiction ?

alpine path said...

cuckoo, A part of it, yes :)