Friday, March 28, 2008

Unchartered territory!

She opened her eyes
She was in a different place
A place that she had not known
A place that hadn't existed so far

She squinted her eyes
She was afraid of the landscape
A landscape that was unfamiliar
A landscape that had dangers within

She had to get up
She had to look around
Around to familiarize herself
Around to learn the rules of the land

She checked her person
She checked her belongings
Belongings that still held her
Belongings that had strings attached

Should she give away those belongings?
Should she cut off the strings?
Don't they act as an armor too?
Don't they protect her vulnerabilities?

The Voice saw her indecision
The Voice understood her concern
Concern of being naked
Concern of being attacked

The Voice saw the inventory
The Voice chuckled with delight
The Voice then made the suggestion
In a light voice that heralded new life

Take the intelligence and courage
Take the lessons learned,
Take the memories of pain and pleasure
And the compassion to all humans

Leave the anger, the cowardice
Leave the dependence, the coercions
Leave your curiosity of others
And the fear of future for it weighs you down

This land is different, more so than last
It holds good and bad, beauty and ugliness
It has its own rules, rules to learn
Rules to survive, play and conquer

You can never return to the old plane
Move on, move away,
Explore this land for its given to you
Find out, find life!

Hold the strings if you want
But never tie them to you
Coz it should be in your power
Power to hold them and leave them

Forget the old plane,
the sooner the better
For you have no time to lose,
And the past is gone for good

This is a time of change, look deep within
Keep the strings close to your heart,
Toss the rest around, for
The space inside is limited
And worthless junk is better tossed out

She was confused
But understood all the same
Sat to remove the strings
The strings that were junk

Hard work, I can tell you
But hard work always pays
She understood that well
And checked each string of life

Some were diamonds, some were junk
She put each through the acid test
Some disintegrated, some stood
But some glowed after the test

She now knew which ones to hold
And which ones to throw
Since she can't have it all
And use it all through her life.

She was too precious
Precious to hold onto junk
She understood the Voice's concern
And thanked God for the Voice

She moved on, moved on in the land
The land that held promises for her
The land whose rules she will learn
The land that she'll survive, play and conquer!


shiva said...

Simply too good... playing on and teasing a person's sense of security, indecision and ultimately ending in the power to choose!!

alpine path said...

Shiva, thanks a lot! In the end, it all depends on what we choose, right?