Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Two souls... A eulogy!

I was recently shocked by the deaths of two artists, Sujatha and Raghuvaran. My 101st post is a tribute to them, in my own special way.

For those who don't know who they are, Sujatha is a very talented, multifaceted person who gave contemporary tamil writing a fresh view. Some of his stories like En Iniya Iyandira, Ganesh Vasanth(my favorite characters.... none to beat them in tamil detective genre), Sreerangathu thevathaigal and so on. His Katrathum Petrathum in Anandha Vikatan was one I never missed. His writings had a certain charm that were unique to themselves. He was also a noted writer for films. His Vikram charmed me and Roja brought out so much! Any movie with him penning the dialogue and giving the story would be a sure hit with the audience as he could always strike a chord with them.

The next person was Raghuvaran. He was a very versatile actor and can easily express any type of expression. Right from Samsaaram adhu Minsaaram to Anjali to Bheema, I've seen him don various roles with ease. He seemed to be one of the few people who was comfortable under his own skin, all said and done. And given the problems that he went through, his journey to where he was at the end of his life is amazing!

Tamil tinseldom has lost two great artists, artists who can hold their forte any time of the day, any day of the year. If Sujatha's works have made me think objectively and soar into imagination, Raghuvaran's acting has showed how even a minor role can be done such a way that it elicits praise from everyone. Though I know I can't make justice to their talents by my eulogy, I can confidently say that they will be remembered forever. May their souls rest in peace!


King Vishy said...

I had posted very similar thoughts on Sujatha a few days back:

Both are stalwarts who'd be missed terribly..

syrals said...

Very true. He is one of a kind with his rare acting capabilities. He has acted in so many other language movies too. I think I have seen almost all his Tamil movies.'Anjali' is one of my favorites.

Notebooks said...

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alpine path said...

king vishy, my thoughts exactly! Sure, I'll check that post soon!

syrals, Anjali is my favorite too. His role in it is memorable. Strange how some people can make the best of an average role while some others throw away a really good role, right? I guess its sheer talent that does it.

notebooks, thanks!

Vivek said...

Very true.. They will be missed badly! Knew from katrathum petrathum that he is ailing from kidney failures. But i was shocked to hear about Sujatha's death few days back!

shankar and manirathnam movies will no longer be the same.

alpine path said...

vivek, true! These two stalwarts have lent their distinct touches especially to Shankar's and Maniratnam's movies... Its going to be very different from now on.