Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The other side of Metro

Here is a link from a bus driver whose experiences are all over the page and hilarious to say the least. Having taken the bus throughout my grad school (who can forget running to catch the last 2 AM bus from the lab (if I miss it, then its either sleeping in the lab or walking at the dead of the night) or the early morning 7 am bus (for my work or classes) and relying on the kindness of bus drivers to wait an extra minute as you cross the road to the bus stop?) and the first few months of my Neverland life (I got so used to traveling on bus that at one point, I knew all the buses through my route and their timetables (down to the last minute)........ and then I bought a car), I'm definitely grateful for all the buses and the bus drivers who are among the most punctual and patient ones I've seen. Even now, going to S in a bus is fun and definitely beats the car drive at some level, though I don't get to do it anymore. Here's to the Metro!

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