Thursday, March 24, 2011

Dravidian women - paintings

Came across this amazing oil painting work online... too good! I was blown away by the life in each of the paintings and the level of detail in each one! It was like watching a photograph taken by a renowned artist with a good SLR! I'd suggest you see every painting there - though the water colors, drawing and acrylic were not that impressive. And the face of the women portrayed, I could relate to each of it - I could see a friend, a relative, a co-passenger in the bus, in the train, a college mate and so on. The effect of lights and the props to bring the scene liveliness is totally cool! Usually people stick to inanimate objects or simple life subjects when they do oil paintings. Trying to capture a person's emotion, that too women, on oil painting is not small task and the artist has excelled in it. Each painting speaks! And I have no higher praise than that! :)

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