Thursday, March 17, 2011

Death penalty - a yes or a no?

Every time I listen to the news, I hear that some heinous crime has been committed by a repeat offender. The latest to hit Neverland was the one where a female correctional officer was sexually assaulted and killed by a convicted inmate. He was a repeat offender and the police had proof of his involvement in all the previous cases.In one of them, he burnt the girl and had his DNA on her charred body. But still.... the judge decided to give this guy 20 years of prison, in which he was a 'good' inmate and so was allowed to visit his wife (who is a professor whom he met at a church after committing those crimes - how the hell did that woman agree to marry him? What is the use of education if you can't figure who is morally right and wrong? Some professor she is, huh!) every 45 days. And yet, he decided to force himself on a correctional officer who was unarmed and killed her. And....... the judges are still thinking if he should be moved to a higher security prison or not.

I'm all for giving someone a second chance. But that is only for smaller offences and that too only for first time offenders. Crimes like murder, sexual assault, child molestation, etc. needs that these guys be given the death penalty. Atleast, repeat offenders should definitely get the death penalty. The advantages are many fold: First, others who commit such crimes would know the seriousness of this issue. As of now, people talk A LOT about all this but when they know that the punishments are not severe enough for you to die, people don't worry much about it. The American society is partly to blame; people don't really worry about what happens twenty years later. They are more worried about saving their a$$e$ right now. If I can live today, I'll gladly take it. Who cares about the next 20 years? 

Second, we can reduce the HUGE overload on the prison system. Are you the person who says that people should be shown compassion and so the financial strains of the prison system should not make the poor prisoners unhappy? They are prisons, for God's sake. Not some spa or vacation property where people go and relax after the strenous job of committing crimes. Especially, repeat offenders for these crimes should not be shown any compassion whatsoever. They don't belong to the race of humans in the first place. For, a human can never treat another human in such a demeaning fashion.

Third is an indirect effect. Once people know that the punishments are serious, lesser people would do the crimes -> lesser people would be affected -> lesser police needed to capture these people -> lesser money needed to spend on upkeep of the police and judiciary system -> more money to spend on needed things like education, social development, etc -> more educated people (and lets hope saner people with some sense in their heads) -> lesser people doing crimes. And the chain continues! Ideally this would lead to a society with zero percent crime rate.

Now comes the question! Why do we still not have death penalty for these crimes and criminals? I searched through a lot of articles and websites, but couldn't find much. If anyone can explain to me, this forum is all yours!

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