Saturday, January 01, 2011

A look at the new year!

After the new year's eve partying and wishing settled down, there came a moment where I realized that this is the start of a new year, a new decade, all waiting for us to put our stamps on it and make memories out of it. It is like the fresh pristine snow with no footprints or marks on it. 

This year would be more a capture-and-go year. So, no resolutions to keep, no to-do lists, no must-finish stuff and definitely no must-experience stuff! For my resolution minded friends, I do have two but they are a secret and do not carry the pressure of resolutions - I've worded them 'nice to do stuff' - they really are nice to do but I can comfortably live without doing them. Also, I have a few things that 'can be done' but again, I can live with not doing them. It would definitely be a big change from my planned life. I plan to leave all the planning to others and if any planning HAS to be done by me, I'm going to do it fly-by-the-pants style. Should be interesting to see how that pans out! 

Lets make sure that this new year and decade see the best of us. Let us grow with time, with hope in our hearts and a song in our lips, with life a rainbow of colors and a gleeful mix of experiences. I'm excited about the journey to come, aren't you?

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