Thursday, January 13, 2011

Aankhon Mein...

Random Youtube browsings can lead to stumbling on old forgotten songs and some of those songs are so connected to certain times in life that you go back to it pronto! Here's such a song:

This song was a craze among my friends during school (7th or 8th). I remember us dancing to this song and all others (Falguni Pathak anyone?) at a friend's place and collapsing into laughter (bringing aunty to see what the hell we were upto). Then, love was something funny that we saw only in movies and M&B books. And, we were more interested in the short stories that each of these album songs portrayed than the songs themselves. Album songs were new to our group then and totally different from the movie songs or the english singles. Now, as I think back, every one in our group has moved to different places, are in different jobs and doing different things. But those memories are still so fresh and good... Here's to school life and all the friends and the happy memories made there!

PS: Shahid still looks kind of cute... not the handsome hunk way, but more the guy-next-door way. This song to Jab we met is a good transition. Lets see how it turns out all the way!


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

LOL, i can resonate every line in this post! ;)

King Vishy said...

Ah.. Nice song, this!! Took me back too :) Was one of my favos then.. Used to hum this all times..

I somehow feel that was the period when Indipop was at its best.. Sonu Nigam.. Shankar Mahadevan.. etc!

Now I don't even know the singers in the circuit..

alpine path said...

@Porkodi, yuppies! Adhu oru kanaakaalam! :)

@King Vishy, totally true.. The tamil album scene was also great at that time. That was when Ussele ussele and Vaalpaarai came out as well.

Ippo there are some people but mostly malayalam... tamil makkal ellam short film edukka poitaanga!