Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Life, the next time

Heard about this question from a few friends recently: What do you want to be in the next birth? An interesting thing to think about but totally against my decision to plan less. Here, I decide not to plan anything and then pops a question to plan about next life :P Talk about Nature's sense of humor!!

Anyways, assuming the same technology growth chart as it has been in the past few years and wanting to do something I cannot do now, I came up with different pieces of next-life puzzle. Right now, I know that I want to work with dreams in my next life: the type where you dream and that is your job... all you have to do is sleep and dream and sleep and dream :D Ah! Bliss!

PS: I'll update this question as and when other pieces fall into place.About the job, I sure am taking enough training already in this birth! So shouldn't be hard at all :)


Porkodi (பொற்கொடி) said...

i want to be a baby next birth. baby through out!

alpine path said...

@Porkodi, baby life is very light... but bore adikaathu? Saaptu, thoongi is ok... but waiting for others to take us out, to take a bath, to play na, adhu sema gaandu.