Sunday, August 30, 2009

Towards the elixir

She moved through the forest
With the Voice in tow
Searching for the elixir
Needed for the Voice

She sparred and stunned
With the Voice standing near
Offsetting the traps (that)
Ensnared the path of elixir

She matched wits to wits
With the Voice getting weaker
Solved the puzzles (and)
Lighted the path to elixir

She stands at a junction
With the Voice almost limp
Two roads before her
Which one to the elixir?

Caution pushes her to one
Trust pushes her to another
Dreams push her to one
Practices push her to another

Brought up in trust
Hard to leave that path
Fueled by dreams
Harder still to leave
that path

Pained by caution
Hard to take that path
Singed by practices
Harder still to take
that path

O ye Universe,
Guide her through
For she is fighting

To save her guidance
To save her world
To save her Voice


Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

Nice piece :). . .I sure wish they had arrow marks on which path to take :D . But then again , life is all about choices :D

Aths said...

Sweet!! :)

alpine path said...

@Fantasies of a Lifetime, thanks :) Trust me! I'd so love those arrow marks too. And sometimes the choices are petrifying!!!!

@Aths, thanks :)