Friday, August 07, 2009

Me vs myself!

[Modified an old but non-published post]
Do you know who is the hardest person to convince in this world? Do you know who is the hardest person to cheat on? Do you know who is the hardest person to please? Its you! Yes, you heard me right!
Try convincing yourself that a new dress on sale is something that needs to go to your closet or that new car that you've been wanting is just the perfect gift for yourself and you'll know what I mean!
Try cheating on yourself by eating more icecream than you should or by spending more than you should on a shopping spree! You'd find that harder than climbing Mt.Everest.
Try sleeping in when your mind says to get out and go for a jog or going for a jog when your mind says to sleep in! You'll know that pleasing your mom or boss or spouse is a cakewalk compared to that!

Start of day:
I: the one that wants to have fun all through the day, read novels, munch yummy food, sleep when she feels like it, hang out with friends, do something different every day and hates routine life.
Me: the one that is the mommy character. Knows that routine is actually good and sets tasks that will feel really terrible at the start but will be so good at the end. Loves fun but knows that work is fun too(yeah! my workaholic tendencies crop from this character)
Setting: A day in life!]

Me: Get up! its 6.30, for God's sake! Otherwise, you are sure to miss work/class!
I: Damn! I just got to an interesting point in the dream. Now shut up and don't disturb!
Me: If you want to catch the 8 am bus yet have time for all the stuff you want done before you leave, you are already 15 minutes late! Do you get that into your thick skull?
I: Oh shit! Now I've lost the aborigines!! Ok! What the hell do you want me to do?
Me: Well, for one, it'll be great if you can drag yourself out of bed and start getting ready for the day!
I: Oh! No probs! How about this deal? I'll do everything as you say today in exchange for letting me continue my quest on aborigines!! I can't leave them stranded in Magic Land! They need my help to get out of it!!
Me: Good idea. How about adding this clause? Lets pause your quest till tonight and get back to the aborigines in the dream later! That way, you won't have to sleep yet you'll listen to everything I say! That is a double treat!
I: Double whammy!
[I drag myself through all the things to be done... work/class, reading, talking, etc etc]

[A typical scene during shopping.. feel free to change it to dress, shoes, whatever... the latest being a car!]
I:Yay! An icecream! I'm so going to buy this one.
Me: NO WAY!! You just had an icecream in S's party last night! You can't have two icecreams on consecutive days.
I:Come on! You are not my mommy! I can have it!
Me:No you can't. I'm not paying for it!
I: Yuck! Where's the fun in being a grown up if you can't even eat an icecream in peace?
Me: With fun, comes responsibility! Eating two icecreams is definitely not responsibility enough!
I: Oh my!! Next time, I'm going to leave you at home when I go for parties!
Me: Ha! Ha! Try it!

[After I'm done with the day]
I: Phew! that was one interesting day! Wasn't XYZ fun? I thought it would be boring to code that. Now I wish I could do more of it!
Me: I'm sure you'll be bored of it in a wink! I've planned ABC tomorrow.
I: No!! ABC is just work! How can I do an assignment now for something due next week? I've got six full days in between!
Me: yeah right! You also have the DEF to finish! Not to mention the weekly status report to your prof! You also offered to help out X with Y preps! And you haven't yet started on your thesis!!! You also want to go to Z's house for the potluck this weekend!! How the hell, then, do you have six full days??
I:[grumbling] OK! OK! I'll do ABC tomorrow! Damn! How I wish I had some days off to catch up!
Me: Now, now! Don't fret about it! You have time enough to squeeze things through. Lets see!
I: Mmmm... anyways, me back to the aborigines!
Me: Lol! Sweet dreams! But I think it would be Vandiya Thevan and Kundavai's turn today to grace you with their presence!
[The day ends]

Every single day, though the motions are similar, I find that this conversation with myself to be really interesting. Though there were times when I has felt like rebelling against me, I'm glad that I actually shut up and listened to myself. I'm sure everyone'll have conversations with their inner selves and choose based on it.

Its been an interesting journey so far in life with I and me being the two sides of the scales. As long as I'm a Libran, I'm sure I'll have both traits within me. And that makes life really fun!!

What makes your life fun?

[Yay!! My 200th post! One of my friends reminded me of this one two weeks back! She is a regular reader here and one of my most silent yet most supportive readers. I don't usually celebrate the blog's anniversary but she wanted me to do a special post for this one. I wanted to blog about so many things (my O trip, changing views about marriage, how people spend time, the veggie challenge and of course, a voice post) but didn't feel that they touched the special mark. Not that the 200th post is any different, but its nice to know that there have been posts that I've spent hours writing and those that hold pieces of my memory of distant lands and peoples past. I've tried to capture I and me in this post of mine. I'm sure I'll laugh at this one when I'm older and be glad that I listened to both I and me, with I being the heart and me being the brains. Lets hope I make it to 300 by end of this year. An ambitious goal but what is fun in life if not for ambitions...]


Arun said...

Congrats on the 200th post :)

I guess Me="what I should be doing" and I="what I like doing".

If "I like what I should be doing" , then there wont be struggle between Me and I.
Ofcourse saying is easier , haha...

And btw, hows ur veggie challenge going?

alpine path said...

Arun, thanks :) Once I becomes Me, then you've become a totally sane person who does exactly as he expected to. But a little insanity is good. That keeps the child in us alive :) Veggie challenge post is coming up!

Aths said...

Congrats on the 200th!! Neat! You can have an icecream for that ;-)

I have those same battles, but usually my "I" wins, :-)

"Me" has its way when it's too late, LOL!

alpine path said...

Aths, thanks :) I already had two scoops :D
Same with me. But lately, I find myself giving a fair ear to Me as well :) Phew! Another step towards adulthood!