Friday, August 28, 2009

Books and Movies

For long time readers, its not surprising that I'm a book fan. But lately, I've started watching movies too. Though I still don't think movies can match books, there are a few movies that are really enjoyable. But they are few and far apart.

This week's book list:
1) Seramaan Kaadhali - a tamil historic novel - total waste novel. Kathaiyae illa. Chumma, suthi suthi kathai ezhuthi irundhaan. Total waste of four hours.
2) 7 deadly wonders by Matthew Reilly - an english novel peppered liberally with historic facts and diagrams - not bad. But its not a must read as well. Its definitely not a page turner. But its fascinating how they combine so many historic facts to keep the novel in place. If you are a fact buff, you'll like this one.
3) Prom Crashers - English - a fun and light read - totally girlish
4) Batter off dead - English - okish - I took it mainly for the mystery part in it - but it was more like Nancy Drew or Hardy Boys minus the satisfaction you get after reading it.
5) Gifts of the season - English - okish - Suggested by a friend to read this genre. I would read it if I'm too tired to think of anything - warning: totally, totally girlish.

This week's movie list:
1) Inglorious bastards - English - liked it, especially Brad Pitt's and Christoph Waltz's acting. I've not seen any other movies of Waltz (yeah! I'm that pathetic!) but Pitt pulled a great accent. And, the last scene where Shoshanna's face shows through the smoke, man! That was an eerie touch. Though some scenes were bizarre (like people cutting off scalps as if they were bread loaves - I can't stomach that), it was a nice movie overall. (But three of my friends slept through parts of the movie. So, it just might not be your type!)
2) District 9 - English - Ugh! Too gory for my taste though the story line is different. The problem is I just can't relate to it or imagine that aliens can live on earth with us. If you can, then its a movie for you.
3) Kandasamy - Tamil - Less said, the better! Waste movie!
4) Raghavan - Tamil - ithellam oru padam! Padam eduthavan tamil makkala sariyaana kenai pasanga nu nenaichutaan pola iruku. Act pannavae theriyaatha oru hero. Kathai illatha story line. Ithoda director, script writer, producer moonu perayum, indha padatha oru 100 times paarka vakkanum. Athaan, correct punishment!! Adhulayae paathi uyir poidum.
Naan indha movie epdi parthen nu ketkareengala? I read the reviews of all tamil movies. Ellam waste stories. Seri, listla randomaa onnu choose pannalaamnu panninen. Adhula, ithu vandhadhu. En yaar yaarumae nalla tamil movie edukka maatendraanga? The last good one was Pasanga. After that, there is a dearth of good tamil movies.
5) The Ugly Truth - English - it starts out great but falls flat somewhere in the middle. Maybe that was because I expected the movie to go one way and it went another. And, compared to The Proposal (don't ask me why, but I keep comparing this movie to that one), it wasn't that good.

Drama: I also heard the audio of Crazy Mohan's Meesai aanalum Manaivi (Bharath's suggestion). It was good, reminds me of DD time some ten or fifteen years back. But sometimes, it looks to be a part of another era totally! Does anyone get this feeling when you see old drama or skits or episodes?

What is your movies/books list?/ Any recommendations for must read/watch books/movies?


Lava (Sanskrit: लव) said...

Book - "3 Cups of Tea" - this is based on a true story...
But i am eagerly waiting for the next Chetan Baghat's book which is due by Diwali this year!

Movie - "The great game ever played" - you might like this only if you like sports movies


Aths said...

I'd recommend Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen. One of the best books I've read in a long time. It's excellent. Jodi Picoult's Nineteen Minutes, Catcher in the Rye by JD Salinger, Stephenie Meyer's The Host.

Waiting for Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol?

alpine path said...

@Lava, I'll put that on my to-read list :) I'm looking forward for Chetan Bhagat's next novel as well.

@Aths, wow! Most of it are on my favorites list too. I'm yet to read the Catcher in the Rye though. And yeah, the "Prebook Dan Brown's novel" signs have been tempting me everywhere :D How about you?

Aths said...

I've been sorely tempted to pre-order. But I spent 100 $ on books last month, so keeping a low profile for now. I sure hope to get my hands on that book by year end at least, or will try to wait for the paperback!

alpine path said...

@Aths, I've stopped buying books just for the pain of moving loads of books when I move. Its more the library route for me nowadays.