Thursday, September 03, 2009

Food Combinations!

Did you make a fuss when you were forced to eat the sambar rice first, rasam rice second(usually with appalam) and finally the curd rice? And given certain combinations of food and not others? Like the jaggery and adai? Or how about coconut milk and idiappam? And the ubiquotous upma and curd? (For Cians, I'm sure you'd know how much importance is given in our cuisine for wheat upma). Well, there might be a reason behind all that! Food experts say that certain food combinations actually increase the chance of absorbing more nutrients or additional quantities of a nutrient. Check out this link for more details. Wish someone could do research on Indian food combinations and tell me why exactly upma is best had with curd or adai is best had with jaggery? (other than the taste reasons, of course!)


Arun said...

i dunno what u r talking about.

Fantasies of a Lifetime said...

Interesting!! I always hated adai with jaggery though . . .

Aths said...

Upma with curd?
Adai with jaggery?
Ugh, hate both combo.

I don't think though that any of us mixes food for nutrient absorption reasons, probably more like taste.

Like you said, some foods are best eaten together, you do get a better deal that way, like more nutrients extracted out and all. But it's heady keeping a track of all that, unless you make it a point to painstakingly follow it and learn.

alpine path said...

@Arun, oops! then it is a bad post :(

@Fantasies of a Lifetime, I can still remember days when my mom used to MAKE me eat that combination. A sure treat for sweet toothers :D

@Aths, true. I've lost track of the combinations that my mom and granny use. Its more a convenience factor now than the taste factor. And, if you go to Cbe and say you hate Upma with curd, there will be a riot :D