Saturday, November 29, 2008

A refreshing thought!

I've been reading up on the Mumbai attacks from the news, blogs, articles, etc and have seen so many specialists bash it out. Everywhere I saw, I read about the pain, the helplessness, the terror and what not(Strange that it may seem, the poem that I wrote a few weeks back makes all the more sense now). Combine this with bad economic news coming in daily in US and you have a really depressing view of the world. But there was this blogbharti link that told us what we could do to appreciate the Indians who laid their lives on the lines of fire to protect the innocent people and save India in the eyes of the world. When you read these lines, it might not sound as great as the deeds of a soldier in a full fledged war but a life is a life, all said and done. Losing it to protect your country, either on battlefield or in a terrorist situation, is the same and these jawans and police are worth all our appreciation. Here's what we can do to show it to them:

For the protectors of Mumbai / Bombay
With respect and gratitude.

Our brave police, armed forces and firefighters have been putting their lives at risk to bring our city back to normal. Many have died.

We often criticise them vociferously; we probably will do so again. And we should. Later.

But now is a good time to show our gratitude and respect for what they’ve done since the night of the 26th.

Go over to your neighbourhood police station, fire brigade or army post.

Light a candle or a diya and leave it there.

Or leave a card, or a note of appreciation.

Or a flower.

Shake the hand of any police, army or fire brigade personnel on the spot, say thank you, and explain why you’re doing this.

Do this whenever you can, wherever you can. You don’t have to be in Bombay. This could have happened anywhere in the world.

(People in other countries and Indians abroad: you may want to do this at your nearest Indian embassy or consulate.)

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