Saturday, November 08, 2008

Etharkaaga iyyutham?

[Inspired by a bunch of war torn country pictures sent by my friend, X, who is a photographer and had recently been to the MidEast and the Africas. Her photography displayed the ravages of war so beautifully. Even though I have seen a number of pictures, these pictures touched me in a way that none others did. Perhaps it was because of the stories that came with each of the pictures and the feeling that the portrayed people were my contemporaries in this world. And the irony of all the wars(of poverty, of power, etc) is that people do them because they feel that their knowledge is greater than that of others. And the people who suffer have nothing to do with this knowledge war. So, here goes my poem]:

Nunnarivenru nenaithaalum
Sollarivenru sithaithaalum
Ennarivu enakkaaga
Unnarivu unakkaaga, ithil

Yaararivu yaararindhu
Etharkaaga yuthamittu
Nighalgaala sugathaiyellam
Nitham Nitham veenadithu

Laabamenna adaidhuvittom
Sollada maanudaa!
Seyvathellam seythuvittu
setrinil seerazhindhu

Sennira aruvi seythu
Ulagathai koythu vittom!
Ithuthaan maanudamaa?
Nalla vidivu vandhidumaa?
-Alpine Path


ரமணன்... said... was nice...:)
but pl take sum time n post it n tamil...:)

ரொம்ப கஷ்டமா இருக்கு ..படிக்க...

தமிழ தமி"ழ்" படிச்சா தான் அழகு..:)

try dis

alpine path said...

ramanan, thanks! I tried the website that you gave me. But when I copy pasted the above poem and selected tanglish, it gave the results with so many spelling errors. Is there any way to correct it?