Sunday, November 09, 2008

From grandma to granddaughter

[Read it somewhere - very good! I'm sure my grandma would have said the same if she was here]
Dear Granddaughter,

This is a very special gift
That you can never see
The reason its so special is
It's just for you from me.

Whenever you are lonely,
or even feeling blue
You only have to hold this gift
and know I think of you.

You never can unwrap it
Please leave the ribbon tied.
Just hold it close to your heart
It's filled with Love inside.

[One such gift I consider so special is my Granny's pic... despite some days when I've had too much to do and wanted nothing better than being in C, the picture has comforted me in more ways than one. I miss all the good times with her and can still feel her soft fingers on my face comforting me for everything from a scraped knee to horror dreams to serious talk. And, she is THE best cook in the world(even better than my mom, sometimes!) Love you, Paati!]


Princess Fiona said...

pattis are the best!! cute post.. :)

alpine path said...

Princess Fiona, yup! So true! I'm not sure if I'll be a good enough paati for my grandkids as my paati was to me. Hard to beat her record! And welcome :)