Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Vegan or Not?

Do we have a choice to decide our food habits fifty years down the lane? Or, more importantly, would our children have the same food choices as we have right now? I remember my parents talking about Raagi and Kambu and Cholam(varieties of corn) being more popular when they were kids and rice and wheat being less popular. But now, these grains have become almost non-existent(the last time I ate Raagi dosai(a speciality from Raagi) was about seven years ago). So, do we get to make a choice as to what we eat or would all of us be forcibly changed to being vegans(not even vegetarian or eggetarian is possible according to this article)? If so, what is the point in having the luxuries of life when you don't have the freedom to choose what you want to eat and how? Are we moving towards a truly free world? or is the world getting into more and more mess that we can't come out of? Well, time will tell! But it might be too late by then. Shoot your thoughts!


Superficial Gibbering prater said...

eat wat u get,for wat u pay or rather wat u can afford to pay."choice" is a bad word :)

austere mind said...

Ah.. yes. There are still people who are don't have this privilege of making "choices" when it comes to food!

But I would be happy to see rise of "vegans" ! Then the food would be healthier and much better and no more animal killings! ;)

Btw, am Vivek Rama"swamy" and not sami!! ;)

alpine path said...

superficial gibbering prater, :) I can afford to get rice but what if I wanted to try Raagi? then it becomes a matter of choice right?

austere mind, looks like all of us will go to a point of not having this privilege. About rise of vegans and no more animal killings, there might not be many animals to kill because people now raise cows and pigs and hens for their meat and eggs and milk. If the requirement for all these products declines, there won't be any need for these animals. And that would put the world in a more dangerous situation, don't you think so?

Ridhus said...


I did not know ragi was that rare, I had ragi on my trip to India last month.

I think ragi is not all that common now because people can afford rice. My grand mom told me that when she was small, the people who did manual work in her village used to have ragi for daily meals and have rice only on pongal.

It is pity thought that it is becoming less common, because it is more nutritious than rice.

alpine path said...

Ridhus, Ragi is not rare but its not common as well. You certainly can't find ragi stuff in every restaurant. Yup! I guess ragi was traded for rice because of our changing lifestyles. And yup again! we are losing on more nutritious alternatives because of our lifestyles.

Vivek said...

yeah agreed! but rising an animal just to feast on it is very sadistic! :(

Also cloning will ensure that they wont go extinct. ! You can get a calf or a kid goat on demand ;)

alpine path said...

vivek, true! But who would grow cattle or hens if they are of no value to them? Right now, most livestock are maintained so that they give something(meat,eggs, milk, etc) that the owners can sell and make profit. But if everyone turns vegan, then there can't be any profits from the livestock and 99% of people will not maintain them.
About cloning, yeah! You can get whatever you want on demand. But what will you do with a goat kid or a calf? Playing with it is an option but how long and how much can you play with it? And what will happen once you get tired of it? Or worse, are we going to treat the cloned livestock as yet another toy for the kids to play with?? A scary question!

Vivek said...

Wii you agree that killing and eating someone is worse than loving and playing with someone? :)

Vivek said...

Wii you agree that killing and eating someone is worse than loving and playing with someone? :)